What New on UBMeFood.com This March?

Delicious food is heading your way!

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What New on UBMeFood.com This March?

New Foodie Fun! Hi there Foodie Friends! We are super excited to share with you some fabulous new things that have been happening on UBMeFood.com this March! We have a great new campaign happening, lots of new restaurants and some of course new partnerships in the works! We cannot wait for you to find your next favorite spot for lunch or dinner - we know you're Read More

New Foodie Fun!

Hi there Foodie Friends! We are super excited to share with you some fabulous new things that have been happening on UBMeFood.com this March! We have a great new campaign happening, lots of new restaurants and some of course new partnerships in the works! 

We cannot wait for you to find your next favorite spot for lunch or dinner – we know you’re about to get inspired for your next meal! 

Celebrating Teachers & Coaches This March!

If you’ve followed along with us over the past few months, you’ll know that we LOVE conducting community-based campaigns that help bring everyone closer together! This month is a really awesome month in that we are celebrating teachers and coaches!

At UBMe, we have partnered with some AMAZING businesses across the country who have pledged delicious eats and drinks to the local teachers and coaches in their communities and we could not be more grateful!

There is such a wonderful assortment of bites to eat and drinks that are being offered, ranging from french fries to coffees to cherry limeade to tacos and so much more!

It really means the world to us that we are able to utilize our technology to help give back and connect businesses with their community members! 

It is with our great pleasure that we have the chance to introduce you to our wonderful campaign partners for March: Arrowhead Nutrition, Bangkok Cuisine, Common Grounds Sit & Chill, Molka GT and Sibara Catering & Global Cafe!

These wonderful business are located in Kansas, California, Louisiana, North Dakota and Maryland and we are so thrilled to have such a wide territory covered! If you are a teacher or coach, make sure you check out these restaurants/eateries and enjoy a celebratory treat!

Welcome to Arrowhead Nutrition!

Welcome to one of our great partners, Arrowhead Nutrition out of Ottawa, Kansas! Their delicious and healthy bites and drinks are sure to the perfect way to start your day or to brighten up your day in the afternoon!

If you are a teacher or coach, you can get a free Cherry Limeade with any existing online order! Just make sure to show your school badge/ID upon pickup, and enjoy! We can guarantee that you are going to LOVE it – we know that we sure do!

You probably remember them from previous campaigns, as they are always looking for more ways to engage with their local community! The owner, Sarah, is a local favorite and she is sure to make a customer’s day! We are always so happy when they decide to participate in one of our Community Campaigns, and it is always our pleasure at UBMe to work with Arrowhead Nutrition!

Introducing Bangkok Cuisine

Free Thai Iced Tea anyone? We sure are ready for it! If you’ve been a UBMeFoodie from the beginning, you’ll definitely recognize our friends at Bangkok Cuisine! They have not only been a part of the UBMe Family from the beginning, but they have participated in many of our Community Giving Back campaigns as well!

We are always thrilled when we find out that they will be participating in another one of our Community campaigns, and this month is no exception! 

Make sure that if you are a teacher or coach, you order ahead on UBMeFood.com and stop in at Bangkok Cuisine in Reno, Nevada! You’re sure to love your free Thai Iced Tea and it’ll definitely become your new favorite drink!

Common Grounds Sit & Chill Is Back!

That’s right everyone, our friends over at Common Grounds Sit & Chill is back for ANOTHER Community Campaign! We are their biggest fans and the owner, Ms. Williams, is the biggest joy to work with! She is constantly giving back to her community and making sure that every customer leaves happy and ready to come back the next day! 

This month they will be offering a free Apple Martini for teachers and coaches to order on UBMeFood.com with any existing order! They also have a great new Order Ahead Cocktail Menu up on UBMeFood, so make sure to check that out as well!

This is such a treat for teachers and coaches, and we are so excited for you to enjoy this delicious cocktail! You’ll definitely love her other bites to eat as well, and they are sure to go perfectly with your Apple Martini!

As always, we want to thank Ms. Williams for all that she does for her local community – she is amazing and we are so proud to have her a part of the UBMe Family!

Teachers & Coaches, Get Your Taco From Molka GT!

Our fabulous friends over at Molka GT have so generously decided to be in back-to-back Community Campaigns with us at UBMe! We could not be appreciative of their strive to make a positive impact on their local community, and we are thrilled to be by their side for the ride!

This month they are serving up a delicious, free taco to the wonderful teachers and coaches in Hendersonville, North Carolina! In March they partnered up with us to provide a free taco to healthcare workers, so it was very exciting to us when they decided to participate again in April!

Thank you teachers and coaches for all that you do! We cannot wait for you to enjoy their your Free Taco! 

Sibara Catering & Global Cafe Is Back Again!

We are always happy to re-introduce you to one of our great restaurant partners, Sibara Catering & Global Cafe! 

Owen Sibara is a great partner and he really strives to bring positivity to his community with his great, global eats! We are really happy to have him back with us in March to help give back to the Hagerstown area in Maryland again!

Pledging a free soda to all teachers and coaches, Mr. Sibara is excited to give away some caffeine with any online order! Who doesn’t need a good caffeinated beverage after work?!

At UBMe, we really could not be happier with the incredible partners that we have met and the difference that we have been able to help make within local communities across the country!

Thank You Teachers, Coaches and Restaurant Partners!

Thank you so much to the amazing teachers and coaches who are impacting the lives of all of the children across the country! We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to help say ‘thank you’ and we hope that you feel extra-appreciated this month, because you deserve it!

To all of our restaurant partners, we are really appreciative and happy that you’ve given us the chance to help give back to all of  your local communities! It means the world to us that we have the opportunity to touch people’s lives in a small way, and we love doing it by your side!

New Restaurants That Have Arrived on UBMeFood.com This Month!

Connecting with new restaurants owners who become our restaurant partners is an amazing feeling! We are so excited to introduce you to some new locations that are now available for you to order online from on UBMeFood.com!

So delicious, right?! We are OBSESSED with all of the great eats that our new restaurant partners are bringing, and we know that you’re going to just LOVE them!

The Rack

We are super excited to introduce you to our new friends at The Rack in Bowie, TX! We can’t get enough of their delicious burgers and sidelines and once you try, you’re going to be just as obsessed as we are! Make sure to try their Jalapeno Slaw – it’s got a great kick to it! 

The Rack is constantly adding new dishes to their menu, and they have some awesome additions coming soon, so make sure to check their menu for when those new items are available! You won’t be disappointed, trust us! 

We also can’t talk about the great food without discussing the AMAZING atmoshphere of The Rack! Everyone makes the atmosphere so fun and inviting, and you’re in for not only delicious food but a great time!

Takka Grill & Pizza

Calling all of our Philadelphia foodies! We are thrilled to bring to you some great eats from our new friends over at Takka Grill & Pizza in Philadelphia, PA! We have always wanted to expand into the Philadelphia area, and due to popular demand, here you go!

Takka Grill & Pizza has such a huge menu and there is absolutely something for everyone! Whether you want pasta, burgers, salads, appetizers, we have you covered – there is going to be something you love! Make sure that next time you order from Takka Grill & Pizza, you take a pic and share it with us on Instagram – we can’t wait to see what you’re chowing down on!

Thank You For Reading!

Thank you everyone for reading – we absolutely love the work that we get to do with all of our restaurant partners and are so appreciative of the impact they are allowing us to help create within local communities all across the country!

We are especially proud to help give back to teachers and coaches this month through delicious eats and drinks that our incredible restaurant partners have provided! 

Make sure to stay tuned for new restaurants and updates that we have for you at UBMe – you’re in for A LOT of new treats within the next few weeks!


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