Welcome To Bird & Jim In Estes Park, Colorado

Delicious food is heading your way!

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Welcome To Bird & Jim In Estes Park, Colorado

Hello from Estes Park, Colorado! We are so excited that you're joining us on another fabulous feature, and we are thrilled to say 'Welcome to Bird & Jim!' Not only do they have a beautiful atmosphere, but their food and wine pairings are BEYOND spectacular. The presentation of every meal is an art and we love that this week we get a little taste with Read More

Hello from Estes Park, Colorado! We are so excited that you’re joining us on another fabulous feature, and we are thrilled to say ‘Welcome to Bird & Jim!’ Not only do they have a beautiful atmosphere, but their food and wine pairings are BEYOND spectacular. 

The presentation of every meal is an art and we love that this week we get a little taste with all of you! To help us, we have two wonderful guest Food Bloggers joining us who will be sharing their unique dining experiences! Get ready to see some gorgeously presented dishes, colorful cocktails and more, all from the wonderful Bird & Jim!

Introducing Bird & Jim

Bird & Jim considers themselves to be ‘modern mountain dining’ and we could not agree more with this assessment! There are beautiful views and wildlife surrounding them, and complimented with delicious food and great drinks, it’s the perfect combination that creates a magical experience!

They are very conscious about the ingredients that get put into their dishes, which makes Bird & Jim especially appealing to our friend, @VeganFoodGal, who has a vegan diet! You will hear from her soon, but she raves about having the ability to dine out with her family and friends, knowing that there are tons of delicious options that meet her dietary needs!

2 Guest Food Bloggers In The House!

We are super stoked to introduce you to two AMAZING food bloggers who are joining us this week! Both have had fabulous experiences at Bird & Jim and are ready to share them with you, as well as some of their personal favorite restaurants in Colorado! Without further adieu, help us welcome @VeganFoodGal and @ShibaEats!

The Beginning Of A Food Journey

Let us welcome @VeganFoodGal, a fabulous Instagram blogger who focuses on sharing her vegan eats and treats with all of her followers! 

Tell us, when and how did your food journey begin and when did you decide to start documenting it and turn to food blogging?

‘My food journey began 20 years ago when I became a vegetarian. I have always loved food and loved documenting where I ate to just remember everywhere/everything I ate, especially when I traveled. When I went vegan around 13 years ago, and when instagram was brand new, I used it as a personal journal to reference meals. I always posted vegan restaurants, brands, my own recipes, and more, and got a small following. As it grew, I’ve met people through it that I have not even met in real life! But it’s a community that I appreciate so much and has become such a fun hobby.’

What Made You Decide To Dine Out At Bird & Jim?

I love trying new restaurants and when I looked up their menu, I was intrigued by their vegan options. I have been a few times now, and have enjoyed everything I’ve tried there! The menu is so great for everyone – and each dish is super flavorful and filling.

I think the menu has slightly changed each time I’ve been, but I remember really loving the sweet potatoes, the risotto dish, and the veggie burger.  I’d love to go back and try everything vegan friendly on the menu 🙂

Photo Credit: @VeganFoodGal

As we can see, you’re always visiting amazing restaurants! What are some other great spots you’ve visited recently and what are your recommendations from them? We love that you can give Vegan recommendations as well, since sometimes Vegan eats can be tougher to come by!

Photo Credit: @VeganFoodGal. Bird & Jim

I lived in NYC for over 4 years, and by far the city has some of the best vegan food around.  There would be too many to list, but one of my favorites is a place called Superiority Burger. (But follow my IG to see everything I’ve posted there!) In Colorado, there are some solid spots in Denver, including Watercourse, City o City, and my fav vegan sushi rolls from Blue Sushi Sake!’

Wow, wow, wow, they all sound beyond delicious!!!

Photo Credit: @VeganFoodGal. Bird & Jim

We always love to know about our guest bloggers ‘Foodie Bucket Lists.’ Are there any great spots that you’re curious to check out or any Vegan eats you’re looking forward to trying?

‘I always travel for food, and this fall, I will be going to France for the first time. So I’m really excited for all the Paris vegan restaurants! And London…I’ve been once and remember thinking it has incredible options. Very very excited to go back and try some new restaurants :)’

Well, we are SO excited to see where your journey takes you and cannot wait to follow along with your delicious eats – we are sure all of the readers can’t either! Make sure to give @VeganFoodGal a follow to continue to enjoy her fabulous vegan food finds!

Photo Credit: @VeganFoodGal

Welcome To The Bird's Nest!

Working with Bird & Jim is such a pleasure and we love seeing their wide assortment of beautiful dishes, cocktails and wines to pair with meals. It was a joy to discover that they were opening a second location called The Bird’s Nest! As you can imagine, the eats from The Bird’s Nest are just as mouth-wateringly delicious and so far customers have nothing but raving reviews! 

Their to-go option has been quite popular as well – as you may have guessed, you can order ahead from The Bird’s Nest through their online ordering menu with UBMeFood! Just check out their website, click the ‘Order Ahead’ button and you can select what you’d like with ease!

In addition to their delicious eats, The Bird’s Nest has tons of wonderful upcoming events that we thought we’d fill you in on!  The first is a Wine Tasting with Australian wine maker Aug 25 or 26 (make sure to check on their website to find out which date is selected!) We have our eye on the Whiskey Dinner with 291 Colorado Whiskey, which is September 1. There is also a very cool Wine Edu series with Master Sommelier Doug Krenik happening in October – again, make sure to check on their website for the date! Finally, The Bird’s Nest will be offering Cooking Classes starting in October/November! 

Help Us Welcome @ShibaEats!

We are super hyped to introduce you to our second guest Food Blogger, the amazing @ShibaEats of Instagram! So much deliciousness is shared each and every day and we can’t wait to give you a little taste of their experience at Bird & Jim a few weeks ago! It definitely left us wanting more! 

‘Thank you! It’s a pleasure to be featured. I’d love to jump right into my background because it is the key to my love for food.

My relationship with food ties into my childhood memories. Growing up in Seattle, there is access to a variety of food sources and many types of cuisines due to its diversity. Wild edibles can be collected year round by foraging from the forest, to the ocean. 

Let me explain how quickly you could put together a nice meal. I remember my family and I would go pick fiddlehead ferns in the forest to make a salad out of. Then we’d head out near the ocean to catch clams and crabs. Some of the best meals and memories.

Photo Credit: @ShibaEats Instagram (Seriously, we love this Shiba and that he inspired the Blog Name!)

I’m lucky to come from a family with knowledge about wild edible plants and fungi. My culture is rooted in hunting and gathering. My dad is an excellent forager, fisher and hunter. Growing up, I learned so much about animals from dad. He taught me how to filet fish, make elk jerky, and how to cook all kinds of meats and vegetables in all sorts of ways! So I hold that very close to my soul because it brings me joy. 

I began blogging about food as a hobby since I enjoy cooking, tasting, and learning about other cultures. I believe that food is one of the most authentic ways to learn about cultural identity. I really began my foodie journey when I lived in NYC, having that exposure to a grand melting pot.’

We love that you've dined at Bird & Jim and enjoyed the experience so much! What made you decide to dine in there and can you share your experience?

Photo Credit: @ShibaEats

‘For Bird & Jim, I was immediately drawn to its cabin aesthetics and the fresh elements. You can’t miss it as it sits right at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. I chose it specifically for the seasonality of its dishes and locally sourced ingredients. 

It was a wonderful experience because here I was eating trout caught nearby! I love it when food triggers happy memories. I grew up catching and eating many types of trout (still do.) 

Knowing that everything on your plate was consciously put together just makes you feel good. I also had a fun cocktail called the sex panther. Dined outdoors, the view is just stunning because you’re wrapped with a blanket of the rocky mountains. I’d love to try everything else on the menu next time. I will say that they have solid burgers and chicken sandwiches with their house made pickles, yum!  My only recommendation is that if you enjoy the outdoors and want a taste of Colorado, you can experience it here.’

What are some great new eats you've tried locally? Any spots you'd like to recommend to us and some fabulous dishes or cocktails that you've tried?

I recently went to Wildflower, which is located in the lower highlands. This eatery focuses on Italian & Mexican dishes that are beautifully executed. They highlight seasonal and locally sourced ingredients from local farmers and producers. I had a life changing blood orange mead. If pretty had a taste, that would be it. Their cocktails are top notch. I’ve never had cocktails that left such strong impressions! I absolutely adore all the edible flowers arranged in the dishes and drinks. 

Photo Credit: @ShibaEats (Wildflower) Full bloom - Cava, Carpano Bianco, Hibiscus Flower, Rose Water

It’s posh, elegant, and sophisticated. Their dishes seem to come with a layer of surprises like breaking open a pinata. I highly recommend the Mandarin Agua Chile Scallop. Not only is it stunning to look at, but the bright citrus flavors of the mandarin paired with the blue corn tostada and scallops is worthy.’

Wow, that cocktail looks incredible and the Mandarin Agua Chile is presented SO beautifully and definitely at the top of our list to try! Thanks so much for the recommendations!

Photo Credit: @ShibaEats (Wildflower) Mandarin Agua Chile - Cucumber, Radish, Mango, Blue Corn Tostada

Finally, We have to ask: Have you heard of the bird's nest and do you have plans to visit anytime soon!?

‘Yes! I’m energized to check it out the next time I make a stop in Estes Park. All the ingredients for the option of building your own pizza sounds delectable. I could see myself eating there after a hike.’

We are so excited to hear that! We definitely cannot wait to follow your Insta Food Blog and keep tabs on where you dine out all around Colorado! We will be especially eager to see pics from when you visit The Bird’s Nest!

Thank you again for joining us this week! We are sure that our readers now have some great new recommendations for places to go and dishes and cocktails to try!

Thank You All For Joining Us This Week!

As always, we want to thank our wonderful readers for joining us this week and enjoying some of the fabulous eats that Bird & Jim has to offer! We are thrilled to have introduced you to two new Food Bloggers who obviously have INCREDIBLE taste and we hope that you choose to follow along with their food journeys! Finally, we hope you loved learning a bit more about The Bird’s Nest and that you decide to check out some of their upcoming events!

Thank you again and we hope you loved this little excursion that we took to Colorado this week! Take care, enjoy some wonderful food and we will see you next time! 


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