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UBMe’s Tricks & Treats

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us this week! We are thrilled to bring you some tricks and treats this week in our Halloween edition! We will be highlighting some wonderful Halloween and Fall themed cocktails, brews, baked goods and more – what more could you want to end Spooky Season on a high note? 

Time to Get Spooky With White Oak Tavern!

Ready to get Spooky?! If there is one thing we love at UBMe, it’s a good old Halloween Party that is actually on Halloween! 

White Oak Tavern in New York is not disappointing us this year as they are hosting their Night of Lost Souls on October 31st! The deck will feature a DJ Maine on the deck from 5-10 PM and they request that everyone come ‘costumed and ready to get your funk on!’

While hosting a Halloween Oarty absolutely makes White Oak an instant hit with us, we also love their amazing dishes and cocktails! We can’t wait to share more about them with you!

White Oak Tavern is named after the tall white oak trees of Kentucky, and inspired by the art of the cooper, who carefully handcrafts each cask to protect and enhance the flavors of the famed Bluegrass region’s sweetest bounty: bourbon.

In both food and drink, we preserve the rustic traditions and fares of the “olde” tavern, somewhat lost by the passing of the Volstead Act of 1919. Our scratch kitchen offers a wide variety of American fare with a slow foods emphasis and a nod to things past. The seasonally-changing menu represents forgotten cooking skills and time-honored techniques, and features local ingredients sourced from many of the small, family-run farms in the tri-state area.

Our offerings are best shared amongst friends with selections from our craft beer, wine, and cocktail lists. In true tavern tradition, we pride ourselves on a delicate care for our craft and a warm, friendly smile to all we welcome in our door.

Gotta Sugar Cookie by Justine Gotta

Let’s talk cookies! At UBMe, it’s not a shock to anyone that we have a sweet tooth – we absolutely LOVE highlighting delicious pastries and fabulous baked goods! Up next we have the wonderful Justine Gotta, owner of Gotta Sugar Cookie (which if you don’t already, you should for sure follow them on Instagram @GottaSugarCookie, you won’t be disappointed!) We’re going to give you a little bit of background on Justine and her cookie business, along with some great photos of this years Halloween Creations she designed, baked and decorated! Enjoy!

We’re going to let Justine take it away! Welcome, Justine!

“I am a mother of three kids, who found a creative outlet in making cookies 2 years ago. I fell in love with the process and enjoy making my customers vision come to life in the form of cookies!

I wanted to use one shape for this years Halloween set, and that became these cute monster faces.”

And we are so glad that you did! We absolutely love the consistency it brings along with the muted, color palette. Such a pleasure to look at AND to eat! 

Which one is your favorite? We really can’t pick one – with so much great detail and technique involved, they’re all our favorites!

Spooky Yogurt Vibes from Peachwave

Who’s ready for a spooky-good snack?! Welcome to Peachwave in Fairfax, Virginia! They’re serving us the best of Fall & Halloween yogurt vibes that you could ask for! They take seasonal to a whole new level and we are delighted to share some Fall and Halloween favorites with you right now.

Offering monthly flavors, Peachwave has TOTALLY brought it this October! Ranging from Pineapple Vegan DOLE soft-serve to Spiced Pumpkin Pie Low-Fat Gelato, we cannot get over all of the deliciousness! 

On October 30th at 3:00 PM and October 31st at 6:00 PM, Peachwave is hosting ‘Halloween Treats, No Tricks’, a super fun event for children. Children are encouraged to dress up in costume and trick-or-treat, while eating some delicious Yogurt or Gelato of course!

You can get all of the details on their Facebook page,  if you’re in the area and looking for a fun event to take your kids to this weekend! 

We are personally super excited to announce that you’ll now be able to order ahead and online at Peachwave in Fairfax via UBMeFood.com! That’s right, we’ve officially welcomed them into the UBMe Family! Yum!

Halloween Treats by Sweeter By the Doughzen

Are you looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further than with Sweeter By The Doughzen! We cannot get over how delicious everything is as well as how beautifully decorated it all is! The owner, Kasey, is a gem to chat with and you’re going to get to hear a bit about her and her fabulous treats right now!

“The short of it is that I am a hobby cookie decorator, treating each set as an art project for creative therapy from a busy day job and being outnumbered by kids and small dogs. It started when I kept seeing beautifully decorated cookies at birthday parties and given as favors at events and I was like, how are these EVERYWHERE and people are making them so well?? I’m a semi-capable crafter and hand letterer, could I be a semi-capable baker? I researched online and in books for a month and then took the opportunity at Easter three years ago to try them as gifts and I was immediately hooked. People loved receiving them and it all just fell into my lap from there. “

Honestly, how sweet are these!? I can’t get over the detail and for sure love the purples mixed in with the orange and black! So cute!

Here's a Treat: Surprise Sweets!

We are so thrilled to bring you some MORE treats – but don’t let the name ‘Surprise Sweets’ fool you – this is a big treat, not a trick! We are going to introduce you to Jill, the owner of Surprise Sweets! I know you’re going to love her ornate detailing and wonderful metallics, just like we do at UBMe! Enjoy, and here’s Jill!

“My name is Jill and I am the owner of Surprise Sweets (@surprisesweets_) I have a deep love for baking! It started a few years ago when we packed up our lives and moved out of state to a place where we had no family and didn’t know anyone. Baking was a way to fill my time and be able to enjoy the treats that I grew up having! Some of my favorite things to bake are cinnamon rolls, bread, and of course, cookies! 

A friend showed me how to decorate sugar cookies with royal icing a few years ago and I fell in love with it, but never thought of doing it on my own. Fast forward to February of this year. We relocated to Surprise, Arizona where Surprise Sweets was born! I tried my hand at these elegant sugar cookies to send to work with my husband where everyone fell in love and began asking what I charged for them. My confidence grew knowing how much everyone loved them and that people would actually pay money for them! I spend my days driving carpool for my two daughters and their friends, and caring for a sweet two year old boy at home! I work on cookies during nap time and after the kids have gone to bed at night! I love having a creative outlet that is just for me, as well as being able to bring in some extra income for our family!”

Ah, the aesthetic is just so pretty! You really can’t go wrong with a muted Fall palette and some fabulous metallics thrown in!  Thanks so much for sharing your sweets with us this week Jill, we absolutely loved having you and enjoying your beautiful cookies!

UBMeFood Coffee Corner: Introducing Coffee Blogger, Corinne!

Nothing says Fall vibes like a wonderful cup of coffee! We are thrilled to introduce our very first Coffee Corner to you. As you know, we always bring in guest bloggers, but we are thrilled to have the opportunity to invite guest Coffee Bloggers now as well! You’re going to love the amazing coffee tales that Corinne, from @CoffeeWithCorinne, will be sharing with you! Enjoy – you’re in for a real treat! 

Where did your love for coffee come from? When did you decide that you wanted to take it one step further and start documenting your coffee journey?

“I think it was embedded in me from a really young age! My Dad is an avid black coffee drinker, morning to night! The smell of coffee brewing is almost nostalgic for me! I love everything about it! I’m constantly trying new coffee shops, specialty drinks, or non dairy creamers and always get the “where is this, what is this” comments from friends on my private Instagram so I thought it would be fun to showcase that on a public page to reach more people which is how @coffeewithcorinne was born!”

And we are so glad it was! We absolutely adore your coffee blog and are thrilled to have you with us this week!

Favorite Coffee Shops

This is a hard one! There are so many great places with good coffee and people! Some of my top favorites are: Santa Barbara Roasting Co, Cajè Coffee Roasters, Lovewell Coffee and Tea, Immigrant Son Caffè and Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters.

Last week I discovered a coffee shop and bakery called Historia Bakery Cafe in the city of Thousand Oaks. Not only was the coffee delicious but the bakery and food options were to die for! I’m actually heading back tomorrow for more and can’t wait!

Do you have any coffee shops you’d like to try out but haven’t gotten the chance to yet? What are they and what are you excited to try?

“There are SO many! I think a couple that stand out are Coffee and Plants in LA. Their iced coffees and drinks look beautiful and delicious. Also, they sell plants! Coffee and plants are two of my favorite things! Secondly, Merci in Montecito. The shop looks so beautiful inside and there is a homemade chocolate cake I’m dying to pair with a latte!”

Wow, we just cannot get over how delicious every single cup of coffee looks, and Corinne photographs everything to its full glory – we can’t get enough of her content! If you love the photos she’s taken, you will absolutely enjoy her Instagram feed, which you can follow here! Trust us, you will NOT be disappointed – she gives her followers the ultimate coffee vibes! 

Thanks For Joining Us Corinne!

The photos above are just so beautiful, and we are absolutely thrilled to have connected with Corinne! Her coffee recommendations are absolutely a hit and we’re so excited to have some new spots to check out! We hope you are too and you enjoyed these great coffee delights as much as we did! Thanks so much for joining us Corinne and (please) keep sharing your fabulous coffee vibes!

Introducing Add a little Flavor - a Cottage Bakery You'll Love!

We have another treat for you – the fabulous bakery, Add A Little Flavor, run by Amanda of Canyon Lake, Texas. We cannot get over the beauty and detail in her treats and the Halloween take she added is too cute (and did we mention, delicious?!) We loved chatting with Amanda and are excited to share a bit about her Cottage Bakery with you all! 

“My name is Amanda and I’m the owner/operator of Add a Little Flavor. Add a Little Flavor is a cottage food bakery located in the heart of the hill country in Canyon Lake, Tx. I started this business is 2017 after making cookies for my daughters pre-school teacher. I fell in love with cookie decorating and started to learn everything I could. Now it’s become my full time job and I take custom orders year round. For my Halloween cookies this year I really wanted to look through the lens of childhood wonder. My daughters imagination can bring anything to life so I wanted to make all my Halloween cookies smiling, adorable and friendly looking. My cookies start at $36 per dozen and go up depending on detail.”

They are just so fun! We love all of the different color schemes, fonts and detailing that is done, making each set totally unique and special!

Introducing Pretty Piped!

It’s time to introduce you to our next delicious treat – Pretty Piped! The treats are so lovely and we are thrilled to give you some events that the owner, Kailey will be attending this weekend! 

Hey all! My name is Kailey Aird and I am the owner of PrettyPiped. I started making cookies about 2 years ago as a hobby that turned into my growing business.
I couldn’t be more exited to be able to share some of my treats this weekend at 2 different farmers markets! Cookies range anywhere from $3-$8+ depending on how many are in a pack and the design. This week I am so excited to be bringing back my paint your own cookies. These are basically an edible coloring page! Each paint your own set comes with a edible paint pallet cookie, a stenciled cookie with a Halloween design, and a paint brush!

You can find me this weekend:

10/30 at the Pinnacle Peak Farmers Market 2805 W Agua Fria Fwy, Phoenix, AZ 85027


10/31 at The Market on 41st 42101 N 41st Dr Anthem, AZ 86086


At UBMe we are huge fans of local events as well, so we can’t wait to hear how Kailey’s events go! We are sure the cookies are going to be a MAJOR hit! If you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area, you absolutely should check out these wonderful cookies at the Markets Kailey has listed this weekend!

Welcome, Le Charcutie!

Charcuterie boards have always been a fabulous addition to any get-together but recently they have become a huge trend and we FULLY support it! We are thrilled to welcome Le Charcutie this week and all of their delightful Fall boards – we know this is one irresistible treat! We are going to turn it over now to Amanda, the wonderful owner of Le Charcutie and she’s going to tell you a bit about her business and custom charcuterie boards! 

Get to Know Amanda and Le Charcutie

“Born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, and growing up in the food industry, I like to select locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and other products in order to provide the best charcuterie for my customers. Since I was young, I’ve always had a distinct passion for cooking, baking, and creating new foods. Charcuterie boards are not only gaining popularity locally, but nationally as well. My passion for creating has naturally led me to pursue charcuterie designs for personal events and special occasions. I began my charcuterie business in 2020 after several requests to create and provide for many friends and family. My hard work and attention to detail has allowed my business to excel and has left every and all customers more than satisfied. I truly find my happiness in creating different styles and designs of charcuterie boards. The most delightful part of this experience has been receiving the positive feedback from my happy customers. Knowing that my love for creating food and art can be enjoyed by others compels me to continue honing my craft and growing my business further. 

I hope to continue serving the Lehigh Valley with my craft, not just through charcuterie boards, but also with other charcuterie displays, tutorials and much more! To view my designs, find inspiration, or inquire for your personal events please visit my Instagram and TikTok page at le_charcutie!”

Thanks so much for joining us this week Amanda, we for sure loved having you and cannot wait to try an amazing Charcuterie Board!

Cheers to Our Guest Food Bloggers, Kristin & Julia of @HotGirlFoodies!

We are thrilled to bring to you our Guest Food Bloggers, the fabulous women behind @HotGirlFoodies of Instagram! Kristin and Julia’s eats are to die for and we are so excited to dive in and learn more about where their love for food came from and how it’s transitioned into food blogging on Instagram! Enjoy and make sure to give them a follow as well, you will not be disappointed! 

You clearly have fabulous taste – where did the love of food come from and how did you decide to get into Food Blogging?

Thank you! Our love for food definitely comes from our family’s ethnicities and the culture of dishes that are passed down to each generation. We decided to take our food journey during quarantine, as both of us live in New York the only thing we could do was go out to eat. We decided we would go out to eat so much, why not document the food that our friends kept asking questions about.

What are your favorite cuisines and where are some of your favorite places to go to eat?

We personally love sushi so we usually end up there, which we need to branch out for our followers haha. But, if you’re in Long Island we definitely would recommend TOA in Huntington. But, if you do live in New York City we would definitely recommend Jue Lan Kitchen except it is a little on the pricier side. These are both places we frequent as the vibes are just immaculate.

Recent Dining Out Experience

Recently, I went to Beauty & Essex in the LES and basically you walk into a mini pawn shop before the restaurant. I always just thought that was a dope concept and I always wanted to go because of that. I had Cacio E Pepe Mac and Cheese, fried eggplant, tomato soup with mini grilled cheese and “chicken” arepas. To drink, we asked the waitress to recommend something, and she picked the O.D.B “Old Dirty Bramble” as I enjoy sweet drinks. It contained reposado tequila, smoked blackberries, honey, ginger juice, and cold pressed lemon. It was good except the smoked blackberries really tasted smoky so I could have probably done without that. The experience was overall awesome especially because the music was good and the staff was super nice and welcoming as it being our first time there. -Kristin

What’s Next on the Foodie Bucket List?

What’s next? I think we will continue going to restaurants that our friends recommend and start to transition into winter foods and finding new places to display to our followers.

I am going to Tulum next month and I actually have never been there before so be on the lookout for new places and posts on my vacation! -Kristin @hotgirlfoodies

Thank You!

Thank you so much for joining us this week Kristin and Julia, it has been a pleasure talking with you both and learning more about the fabulous eats you both get to enjoy! We are so excited to have new restaurants to try and we know that our readers will have their eyes on them too!

Trick or Treat: Desserts to Die For Has arrived!

Don’t let the name fool you, because Desserts to Die For is absolutely a treat this Fall and Halloween season! Their gorgeous cookies provide not only beauty but deliciousness and we are so excited to share them with all of you! We are going to let you hear a little bit about Desserts to Die For from the owner, Rachel! Enjoy!

“I first started making cookies in October of 2020 when I was inspired by some cookie videos I saw on Instagram. But, my creative outlet and my love of all things Halloween drove me to officially create Desserts To Die For in April 2021 as a space where I could share my creations and look to other cookiers for inspiration. 

I am so amazed at how quickly my little hobby has grown, from solely getting orders from my friends, to having people I’ve never met reach out to me on Instagram with orders and ideas of their own.

Since April, I have filled at least one order of cookies every week, with my craziest week this last September, during which I made 17 dozen cookies. I also recently hosted my first pop up event at a local coffee shop, which was absolutely incredible. It was so special being able to meet people in person, see their reactions, and hear all of their ideas for future cookie designs. 

I am so grateful to my family, friends, and the Sacramento community for all of the support I’ve received this year. It has been an absolute pleasure making cookies for everyone and I hope to continue practicing and improving my own skill set as Desserts To Die For grows. “

Help Us Welcome Three Little Greenwoods!

We are sure that you’ll love our next baker duo, Makenzie and Courtney! The have fabulous taste in both deliciousness and in decorating! We’re going to let them tell you a bit about Three Little Greenwoods and their style! Enjoy!

Three Little Greenwoods is a small local business owned by Courtney Greenwood and Makenzie Orozco. Courtney started making cookies 5 years ago taking small orders and keeping busy. She recently partnered with Makenzie who has been baking for the last decade. Makenzie plays the role of manager keeping lists, notes, plans, social media posts, and camera work etc. while Courtney is the creative eye, out of the box ideas, cookie recipes, and Main cookie decorator. Courtney has an esthetic that is truly her own. She loves bold designs but turning them soft with her own spin.

Courtney likes soft, muted, statement designs but never skips on details. She loves adding glitter to anything and everything. Courtney likes to think big, go all in, throw caution to the wind, and hopes for the best. She is confident in her abilities which leads her to be so successful. Makenzie enjoys hearing her partners views, fine tuning them, and turning them into a reality. The cookie designs for Halloween were brought on by the give away contest. Three Little Greenwoods recently participated in a local vendor show and decided to make more in quantity and had to simplify design aspects. With the giveaway contest, Courtney saw it as an opportunity to get back to her roots and be as detailed and thoughtful as she wanted.

Introducing Treats By NC Cakes

We are very excited to bring to you our next bakery business, Treats By NC Cakes! The deliciousness in all of the treats makes us swoon and we know you’ll love the way they’re decorated too! We’re going to let Yessica give you a little background now about her business!

“@TREATSBYNCCAKES started from our cakes page called @NCCUP_CAKES in Instagram, we decided to make two different accounts to highlight more our products and focus in each specific treat, now we are growing step by step, learning everyday from different inspirations and also with every single experience that we have everyday. We love to make happy to all our clients, so we work so hard to put our best effort in each detail making our treats
Treats by nc cakes is not only to celebrate special occasions it is also made to sweeten people’s daily lives.
We are willing to learn every day and improve our products and always make our customers have the most unforgettable moments with us”

Don’t these just look beyond delicious?! We cannot get over it! The color scheme makes them such a sweet, Fall Treat as well! 

Calling all animal-print lovers – aren’t these awesome?! Give us some leopard or zebra print and metallics and you know we’re sure to love it! Thanks again to Yessica to join us this week with Treats By NC Cakes!

Thank You So Much!

Thank you so much to all of the amazing restaurants, bakeries and guest bloggers that joined us this week! We are thrilled with all of the delicious eats and treats that we got to discover and we hope you readers really loved them too! 

We have so many exciting things coming up from UBMeFood and we would love for you to continue to follow along on Instagram (@UBMeFood)! Starting next week we will be launching our Giving Thanks Campaign which will benefit healthcare workers! We would love for you to follow along the month of November to meet all of the amazing restaurants we have partnered with, as well as some of the healthcare workers who are enjoying being thanked by their local communities! 

Thank you again for tuning in with us this week and enjoying our Halloween Edition! 


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