UBMeFood’s Look Back On 2021!

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UBMeFood’s Look Back On 2021!

Wow, when we look back on where we were a year ago, we never would have imagined getting to this point! We officially launched UBMeFood.com this past October and could not be more thrilled with how quickly it has taken off in the past few months! If you’re new to our blogs, UBMeFood.com is an online ordering platform created by UBMe that specifically utilizes our software-patented technology to enhance the online ordering experience both for the restaurant owner and the customers!

We have met such amazing people through the journey and we really are so grateful for the partnerships that have formed. We’d like to take a look back on what we have accomplished with UBMeFood over the past year and we’re so excited to take this trip down memory lane with you all!

Partnering with Star Micronics

2021 began with a wonderful partnership between UBMe and Star Micronics. Back in January of 2021, we partnered to provide restaurants with the automatic printing of their orders. Once an order was placed through our online ordering system, the orders would automatically print through the restaurants Star Micronics printer, right in the kitchen! 

Partnering with Star Micronics was an incredible opportunity because it really improved the efficiency within the restaurant kitchens. The technology and integration of Star Micronics printers negated the chances of restaurants accidentally missing an order or mixing up the timing of orders. This new level of organization ensured that kitchens could be more efficient and that customers would also be happier with a shorter wait. It was the ultimate win for everyone!

It was so special to be able to start out 2021 with a great partnership that has proved to be very beneficial for restaurants and eateries over the course of the year!

Calling All UBMeFoodies!

It’s hard to believe that before the summer of 2021, we didn’t even have social media for UBMeFood! That’s right, there were no UBMeFoodies for almost half of 2021 – how crazy is that?! 

We’ve grown a lot in the social media department and we are so happy to have a constantly growing Instagram for UBMeFood where we not only highlight our restaurant partners, but we get to meet more amazing restaurants and food bloggers! It really is our pleasure to share so many delicious eats and to get great bites in return! 

If you don’t follow us on Instagram, you definitely should – we’d love to share the foodie love with you! Give us a follow @UBMeFood, don’t be a stranger! We love to engage with all of our followers as well, so make sure you tell us what you love too – we’d love to hear it!!!

Pins, Tweets & TikTok Videos

What else has happened on social media for us in 2021? Well, to start we continued to bless your Twitter feeds with some much needed food motivation! Whether it’s a GIF, food recommendation or sharing of a blog, we were Tweeting up a storm this year! 

Another big advancement for us was the start of our UBMeFood Pinterest! We have all things food that you could possibly want, whether it’s delicious recommendations, restaurant decor, different cuisines, we have it all covered! With over 5K views a month, we are absolutely loving sharing all things food with you! 

Last but not least in the social media world, we finally got on the biggest social trend and joined TikTok – that’s right, you heard us correctly! Now you can see first-hand all of the awesome eats we get to work with on the daily and get inspired for your next meal! 

Every day we highlight one of our restaurant partners and give our viewers some insight into the prep-work and love that is involved in actually creating the delicious food and drinks that you see!

We really hope that you all enjoy seeing us active on social media and we hope that we can continue to give some great recommendations and content in 2022 – and who knows what the next big social media platform will be!

As always, we love to engage with all of you, so make sure that you give us a follow on all of these platforms and we’ll try to make sure we reciprocate, because we truly appreciate you! 

Make sure to stay active and if you think there’s a restaurant we absolutely need to check out, send it our way – we love taking your recommendations just as much as we like to recommend!

If you ever try any of the places we mention, we’d absolutely love for you to reach out to us and tag us in your delicious bites!

Stadium Food? We Can Do That!


Sporting events are such a huge part of our culture, so having the opportunity to have our technology utilized in sports stadiums is amazing! We were fortunate to get into the Lehigh Valley Phantoms Stadium for the 2020-2021 year and it was such an awesome opportunity!

A huge goal of ours is to expand into more stadiums in 2022 and revolutionize the way stadium ordering is done! Imagine if you could go to a sporting event and know that you could just order from your seat and skip the line when you go to pick it up – you’d be able to enjuoy both the eats AND the actual game!


Remember a Time Before Our Food Blog?

If you’ve been following UBMe from the beginning, you’ll probably remember that there was a time before our Food Blog, as crazy as that sounds! Our Food-Specific blog posts began in July of 2021 when we started ‘UBMe’s Food Journey.’ This was a series of blogs that we put out weekly where we connected with restaurants of a specific cuisine and then created a blog celebrating all of those restaurants. It was wonderful to connect with so many new people and get a taste of new eats we had never experienced before!

A big part of ‘UBMe’s Food Journey’ included the creation of a digital catalog that people could virtually read and ‘flip’ through! This was such a joy to create, because it really allowed us to highlight restaurant’s dishes through beautiful, full-page spreads! 

One digital catalog that was especially unique and heartwarming to us was when we took a look at our roots and did a special all about the Lehigh Valley! As Bethlehem, PA natives, the Lehigh Valley is a very special place to us, so having the opportunity to feature so many incredible, local restaurants and eateries was our pleasure and definitely one of our big highlights of 2021!

You can check out all of our digital catalogs here and get to experience some great eats that you may have missed!


Our Official Food Blog

The launch of our official Food Blog took flight when we launched UBMeFood.com, and that is where we really kicked things up a notch! We absolutely loved highlighting both our current restaurant partners and restaurants that we felt really had some deliciousness to bring to the table! In addition to working with restaurants, we expanded to other eateries, such as coffee shops, health and nutrition bars, bakeries, pie shops and so much more! We really are so excited to see where our Food Blogging takes us in the new year and we cannot wait to have you all accompany us on the journey! We’re sure you’ll enjoy the eats and treats just as much as we do!

Community Give-Back Campaigns

A really important part of UBMe has always been to help give back to local communities. When we launched UBMeFood.com, we knew that this was something we wanted to continue on, but within the food industry. We began to partner with restaurants and eateries to give back to their local communities and in November we launched our first community give-back campaign. 

November: Giving thanks Campaign to healthcare workers

Titled ‘Giving Thanks to Healthcare Workers,’ we partnered with coffee shops and restaurants to provide healthcare workers with free caffeinated beverages for the entire month of November and we were able to pledge 1,800 drinks! Our partners were truly amazing, and as it was the first time we had ever done something like this, they took the leap of faith with us and we could not have been more grateful and appreciative! The locations that partnered with us were: Arrowhead Nutrition (Kansas), Bangkok Cuisine (Nevada), Common Grounds Sit & Chill (Louisiana), The Happy Belly Cafe (New Jersey), Touche Touchet Bakery (Maryland) and Try My Thai (Oregon).

We will always be so grateful to these 6 fabulous locations that helped us get the ball rolling with giving back to local community members! They truly were a part of one of our biggest and proudest moments of 2021!

With the success of the ‘Giving Thanks Campaign,’ we decided to do a December campaign to give back to veterans around the holidays. The Veterans APPreciation campaign provided veterans with a free appetizer in addition to any order and we were so thrilled to have the opportunity to do something as special as this! We even had some partners return from November’s campaign! 

Welcoming UBMeFood Ambassadors

Photo Credit: Noemi & Amelia, @cocktails_and_foodtails

Another highlight of 2021 was the launch of our UBMeFood Ambassador Program! The program began when we were actively recruiting guest-bloggers for UBMe’s Food Journey and we realized that a lot of our guest-bloggers had so many wonderful recommendations for us. We decided to start recruiting ambassadors in big cities who liked to eat out. The goal is simple – to get in touch with a restaurant/eatery owner and tell them a bit about UBMeFood.com. From there, if the owner had interest, the ambassador fills out an online form and then we take it from there! If the restaurant owner signs up, the ambassador get’s a percentage of every online order placed! It’s an awesome opportunity for anyone who enjoys eating out and engaging with people!

We got to meet so many new people and stay in touch with a lot of our previous guest-bloggers through our Ambassador Program which has been such an incredible experience! Two of our wonderful ambassadors are Noemi and Amelia, (who’s photo appears to the left) a fabulous Sister-in-Law duo! They take the Instagram food world by storm and we were absolutely obsessed with all of their delicious eats! They were two of our early ambassadors and they continue to appear as our guest-bloggers from time to time! Their recommendations are always a huge hit and we are so happy to have met them this year! Keep an eye out for more of their fabulous food finds in 2022, as we are sure that you will see more from them in the new year!

If you think the opportunity to join the UBMe Family as a UBMeFood Ambassador sounds like a good fit for you, you can read more about the program here. We currently have 12 active ambassadors who are out and about so there are many cities and territory open for you to explore and engage with! We hope to hear from you soon!

coming soon in 2022

We’ve been so excited to share with you all a major highlight of 2021 that will be continuing into 2022!  For the first time ever, we will be partnering with Brigade Society and their POS system! This means that when you join UBMeFood.com, you have the opportunity to also utilize Brigade Society’s POS system as well! This is the perfect opportunity for any restaurant/eatery that currently does not have a POS system or is looking to change from the one they are using. The seamless integration will allow for restaurants to improve efficiency and organization within their kitchens and we could not be more excited to provide this! 

Partnering with Brigade Society also means that we have the opportunity to work with many more restaurants that are already utilizing their POS system, so that means there will be LOTS of more dining recommendations for you in the near future! What an absolute treat for everyone!

What a year it has been!

It is still so hard for us to believe how far we have come in just one year, especially when it comes to UBMeFood.com! It has been our pleasure to share our passion for great restaurants and eateries with you this year and we know that there will be many more to share in 2022! 

We want to take this moment to thank you for all of the love and support you have provided, whether it’s through following our blog, engaging with us on social media, participating in our campaigns, being a valued partner or enjoying all of these eats as a customer! We could not appreciate you enough and we are so happy to be moving into the new year with you all! 2021 was a crazy year to say the least but it came with so many highs as well! 

Cheers to 2021 and cheers to a new year! Thank you all for the love and support – you are always appreciated by us at UBMe!


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