UBMeFood’s Guest Bloggers of 2021

Delicious food is heading your way!

UBMeFood’s Guest Bloggers of 2021

Fabulous Foodies

This year came the wonderful addition of our Food Blog, and with our food blog came the need for guest-bloggers! If you followed along with us throughout the year, you’ll have gotten to read about all of the amazing recommendations from foodies all over the country! Not only were the guest-bloggers we met super knowledgable about local eats, but they often had amazing food journeys that they shared with us. We loved learning about the travels that came along with those food journeys as well as hearing about some unique dishes they came across! 

When looking back on the year, we decided to reminisce a bit and take a trip down memory lane! Enjoy this special on all of the amazing guest-bloggers we met throughout the year – it’s a real treat!

Meet Emma, Our Very First Guest Blogger

We met Emma on our new Instagram, UBMeFood. She is passionate about food and traveling and shares the most incredible eats on the daily! After talking to her, we realized that she too had ties to Bethlehem, PA, which is where our company originated. It was a foodie match made in heaven! Here’s what this amazing food-lover had to share!

Get To Know Emma

“Growing up my whole life in the outskirts of Philadelphia, I’ve always been appreciative of all of the charming small towns and what they have to offer. Each little town has its own personality and they all hold special memories that I’ve grown up with. As I am entering another big chapter in my life, I will be moving down to the Miami area, having to say goodbye to some of my favorite places and restaurants for some time. However, I am very excited to move to an area that is so incredibly diverse that allows me to immerse myself in different cultures and explore a global palette of food. 

Ever since I was five-years-old, I have always loved seeing how food brings people together, no matter where you’re from. Some of the most unforgettable memories are made when sitting around a table. Food allows you to explore different cultures and what the world has to offer. 

Just shy of three years ago I began TheGlobalFork, but unfortunately decided to shut it down when COVID hit. Now, just a little less than a month ago, I brought the account back as I am in preparation of moving down to the Miami area, where I will be basing a lot of my content out of. I am using my food blog as a platform to hands-on learn about ins-and-outs of the social media marketing world in hopes of being able to connect and interact with people from all across the globe, share experiences and create a global community of people who love food! 

My goal is to be able to have a page that inspires people to travel, try new places, and support local businesses. I would also love to use this public platform as an educational account, sharing ways on how to eat and travel sustainably as well as to provide tips on nourishing the mind, body, and spirit.” 

NYC Guest Bloggers - A True Taste Of The Big Apple

New York City is such an attractive place for many reasons – the high rises, the fashion, the shopping and of course, the food! There are so many incredible eats to be found and we were blessed to have received so many absolutely amazing bites on where the best hidden gems are! Get to know some of our NYC-based guest-bloggers!

Introducing Laura & Her Delicious Eats!

Laura is a Miami-Native who moved to NYC 6 years ago. We love the vibrancy of her Miami-roots and how it really shows in her Manhattan food-feed today! We’re going to let Laura take it away now for a bit, so sit back, relax and enjoy a wonderful food experience!

“Thank You! I’ve always been a city girl for the most part. I’ve been in NYC 6 years but I’m originally from Miami. South Florida has such a unique melting pot of cultures and the food definitely reflects that. It’s colorful, soulful and meaningful. It’s definitely where I first fell in love with food and wanted to share that love with others, so I started taking photos of my experiences!”

Laura's Foodie Bucket List

“Oh I have so many places! Where do I begin – Domestic or International?” Laura said with a laugh! “While inside during COVID last year I started planning a cross country road trip based on different regions of food I wanted to try! Being from the south but living up north I really miss ‘traditional’ BBQ. So the route heads down to North Carolina, then on to Tennessee and downt hrough Kansas and then to Texas to experience all different kinds of southern BBQ. Eventually I’ll get to the West Coast for Mexican and all different kinds of Asian and Native American cuisine!

I also want to head back to Italy and really explore everything food, wine and culture. Italian is another favorite of mine and I love the history of the cuisine!”

We are SO on board with this bucket list, it sounds absolutely amazing! We can’t wait for you to fulfill it Laura! Can we come with?!

Miami vs. NYC

“The biggest difference between food in Florida versus food in NYC is the amount of chains versus small, local based businesses. In Florida there are so many chain restaurants, you really have to seek out nunique and authentic places in specific neighborhoods. In NYC it’s common to have a generational family restaurant, bodega, diner or deli that’s been around a hundred years and has always sourced and made everything fresh. You can walk into any spot in NYC and the food is just good. In Florida that’s definitely not the case, BUT when you do find that authentic, family owned Cuban spot – it can’t be beat.”

Thanks so much Laura! I know at UBMe we can’t get enough of your amazing eats, and I’m sure the rest of the readers will agree with us! We appreciate your wonderful experiences and insights – we can’t wait to keep following along with your journey! If you’re like us and are just dying for more mouth-watering photos, follow Laura on her food blog!

Get To Know Jenny, the Fabulous Pastry Blogger!

We are super excited to introduce you to Jenny, our Guest Pastry Blogger this week – that’s right, she doesn’t just blog about food, but blogs about FABULOUS pastries and baked goods she enjoys! We know you’re going to love her, and if you haven’t seen her Instagram feed yet, you definitely want to check it out – her photos are gorgeous! We’re going to toss it over to Jenny now, so enjoy!

“My passion for food began when I was super young! I used to swim competitively so my metabolism was through the roof and I definitely wanted to take advantage of its “benefits”. As a result, I started baking at home by myself and soon fell in love with the creative process.

During the first few months of COVID-19 quarantine, there was this whole “banana bread” phase where everyone started baking in their kitchens. At this time, I had just been forced back home from studying abroad and, like most others, was feeling anxious about the events surrounding the world. As a distraction for me, my study abroad friends suggested that I start a baking instagram to pass the time and to reignite my interest in baking. Being able to couple both my love for baking and my interest in photography was a wonderful creative outlet. The feedback was extremely positive and supportive, so I kept it up and ever since then I’ve only had positive experiences!”

We absolutely love that! Honestly, it is such a fabulous blog and we are fully here for it!

Sweet Treats!

The most recent treat that I’ve gotten is lychee ice cream from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. My friend flew all the way from North Carolina for my birthday and, on our last day together, we decided to spontaneously do a Chinatown food tour. I had heard great things about this place before and there always seems to be a line out the door, so we decided to try it out! The lychee ice cream was absolutely delicious – definitely a unique, asian flavor that you won’t find anywhere else. The ice cream was also not too sweet and was creamy and rich, but to the extent where it wasn’t too overpowering or heavy on your stomach. I also tried the black sesame flavor and my friend got the banana. Both flavors were also amazing.

Some other recent places that I’ve tried are AlimamasWowfulsBona Bona Ice Cream, and Prince Tea House! Definitely try the purple yam souffle and the tiramisu at Prince Tea House.

Meet The Luxury Foodie, Alexi!

We are super excited to introduce you to our guest blogger of the week, Alexi Contrata! Her Instagram feed, @The.Luxury.Foodie is amazing and you’ll get hungry just looking at her daily eats! We’re going to turn it over to Alexi now – enjoy!

“I want to continue venturing out and trying new restaurants and recipes. I love sharing tips on which restaurants have the best views, which plates to order, what drinks taste best etc. I love sharing these recs with my food passionate followers in the NYC and Hamptons areas and want to continue to expand on that!

I always viewed food as a way to bring people together and that is what really inspired me to start my own food instagram account. I started my food instagram a little over a year ago during the pandemic when I had more personal time. I had amassed hundreds of food pictures and I was so excited to share them with my followers. My content focuses mainly on luxury upscale restaurants. To be honest I have expensive taste when it comes to my food! I view luxury dining as a wholesome experience and enjoy spending money on great food that is high quality.  I’m really glad I’m able to share my experience with others as well!”

What's The Best Part of Documenting Your Food Journey?

“Definitely, showing my content and inspiring others to try certain places! I like to focus on luxury eats because I not only enjoy the experience, but some people might hesitate to spend a lot of money on food and I totally understand that, so I do the work for them! I hope my content gives my followers a better view into the fine dining world!”

Time For Cocktail Hour & Some Recent Eats!

“I recently got cocktails at The Capital Grille Steakhouse in Tampa, FL and let me tell you, their famous Stoli Doli cocktail is out of this world! If you love vodka and pineapple it’s the way to go! Another great cocktail was the Moscow Mule with Belvedere vodka!”

We always love to hear where our guest-bloggers have recently enjoyed, so we couldn’t wait to ask Alexi about a favorite, recent dining experience!

“I recently went to Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant in Tampa, FL and I was blown away not only by the food, but the service. Everything was on point! Everything I ordered was absolutely delicious, you have to try their famous asian slaw! The waitress was extremely friendly and did a great job of explaining the menu items. Another plus is that a lot of their wines are made in house. If you have enough room for dessert, try the Reeses cookie skillet!”

Meet Annie: A Virginia Native Turned New Yorker

Annie is the owner of @FoodieFrenzyFun, an impressive account having nearly 5K followers and INCREDIBLE food photos and stories. If you haven’t seen her work, you must check her out and we can guarantee you’ll spend the next hour obsessing over her food adventures.

We love getting to know our bloggers and where they got their love for food. We asked Annie where it all began:

“I grew up in northern Virginia and moved to NYC shortly after graduating college! I’ve always been a foodie though. My mom is an excellent cook so I learned early on about good cooking.” Family ties to food are always an amazing start! We’re so happy that Annie decided to convert her love for food to blogging and sharing her amazing eats with the world – it’s a true gift! We couldn’t wait to learn more about when Annie decided to take the plunge and start sharing.

“I decided to do it this past January. I’ve taken photos of my food and drink for so long. I had been toying with the idea for a while, so finally I decided to just go for it! I thought it was an appropriate time, too, because I could support local bars and restaurants that have struggled during this difficult time. I really hope it has helped them!”

Annie’s Restaurant Highlights & Favorite Dishes

“I just went to The Consulate for dinner and it was hands down amazing! Honestly one of the best meals I’ve ever had. The Short Rib Cavatelli and the Grilled Rib Eye were FANTASTIC! So tender and flavorful. I will definitely be back and am eyeing the Tomahawk Steak or Linguini and Small Clams pasta for next time.”

Cheers To Cory, Our Next Blogger!

Cory loves exploring new restaurants all over NYC, but some of his all-time favorites are located just blocks away in his own neighborhood, the Upper East Side. The local restaurants and businesses are what make this city a great place to live and visit, and there is nothing Cory enjoys more than stopping in, grabbing a bite, and sharing his favorite recommendations with friends. It is impossible to pick only three places to visit in this underrated foodie destination.

However, on your next Upper East order Cory recommends: 1) Coffee & shakshuka at Mellow Yellow, 2) top tier cocktails and karaage at NR, and 3) The arechi pizza and burrata at San Matteo Pizza & Espresso Bar.

Cory is also one of our awesome UBMeFood Ambassadors! He not only enjoys going all around New York City trying out new bites and cocktails, but he also helps us at UBMe get in touch with new restaurant/eatery owners! Cory has an amazing personality and was one of our very first ambassadors that joined the program! We love having him onboard and really enjoy all of his delicious recommendations! Next time you’re in the city, you’ll absolutely have to try some (or all!) of them! 

Hello Noemi & Amelia!

Meet Noemi and Amelia – they are wonderful members of the UBMe Family and we are so glad to have gotten to meet them and be apart of their food journey! We know that you’re going to LOVE their food recommendations – they have the best taste! I’ll let them take it away!

Get To Know These Fabulous Foodies

We are sister-in-laws and besties, both born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  We’ve always shared a love for food, cocktails and discovering new places to go to. Whenever we would dine out, we always shared our pictures of food or drinks we had with each other so it made sense for us to start a food blog where we can share with others our experience! We started our food blog in the summer of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic with hopes to support restaurants as they were a struggling business at the time. Our main goal is to continue showing support to restaurants and also introduce our followers to a variety of options to get a delicious meal or an innovative cocktail as well as highlighting great hidden gems.  


Athena Mediterranean Cuisine – our fave Greek restaurant in Park Slope, not only is the food amazing, but they are a family owned business and treat you as family

Enoteca on Court – Italian restaurant in Carroll Gardens, known for their wood burning brick oven pizza & shared plates (their sister restaurant, Marco Polo is next door)

Blue Agave – restaurant in Bay Ridge offering fresh and authentic Mexican dishes & signature cocktails which are delish!

Wow, so many delicious restaurants, dishes and cocktails to try – we are absolutely THRILLED! Thanks for joining us again ladies, it is always a pleasure to have you both! Ciao until next time!

Welcome Jennifer!

We are very excited to introduce you to Jennifer, fabulous food-blogger and owner of @FoodTurntUp on Instagram! She captures her own photos to bring her food journey to life, and we are so lucky to have her with us this week! Enjoy!

“I grew up on the water in a small town on Long Island where I found a love of seafood. My brother and I would help my dad dig for steamers in our backyard when we were little. I come from a family that usually orders every appetizer on the menu. I decided to blog to keep myself accountable with healthy food, but that quickly turned into me posting travel eats after my first trip to Southeast Asia. In Thailand I discovered sticky rice and pad thai so delicious I had to photograph it.”


Thai Time: Jennifer's Favorite Thai Restaurants

“A local spot near my hometown Sopah Thai Kitchen makes Tom Kha Gai almost as good as I remember it in Chiang Mai. I am a sucker for saucy noodles and RaCha Thai Cuisine’s huge bowl of Khao Soi with egg noodles is slurp worthy. The steamed veggie dumplings at Pure Thai Cookhouse in New York City are my absolute favorite and anything with the handmade egg noodles there are a must order. The Red Piano in Cambodia has the most flavorful soups and curry dishes.”

Food Journey Dreams

“I would love to travel all throughout Southeast Asia and try street food with Mark Wiens from @migrationology. My roots are Italian so Naples is also a bucket-list location for me. I love the crunch and filling of sfogliatella and would pretty much die happy eating any pasta dish.”

Let's Brunch With Bridge!

We are so glad this week to welcome Bridget! Her keen eye for delicious dishes means we get to enjoy her eats right along with her – through Instagram that is! We are so looking forward to hearing more about Bridget and how her food journey began. We’ll turn it over to her now – enjoy!

“I am originally from Long Island and have been obsessed with food since I was a kid! Growing up out here surrounded by incredible seafood really gave me an appreciation for seafood, but I really love all cuisines. Not only do I love to eat, but I love capturing photos of my food to look back on. I also love cooking, and sharing my recipes with friends. With those two things in mind I figured why not put all these photos in one place! That’s where bites_withbridge came along.”

Favorite Brunch Go-To's

“ I live for bottomless brunch. A sausage omelette or avocado toast is always my go-to, but it all tastes better with unlimited mimosas. My favorite bottomless brunches in NY are The Ainslie, Poco, and Essex. They all are trendy (great for a photo) and have amazing vibes (music etc), making them great for a birthday/large gathering with friends. The food is SO good at all three, especially paired with their bottomless drink options. Start any Saturday with bottomless brunch and it’ll be a great day!”

“Two restaurants I’m dying to try are Seamores and Pietro Nolita. I live for seafood and Italian food! Not only does Pietro Nolita’s food look so incredible, but the aesthetic looks on point as well. I’m so excited to try it!”

Next Stop On The Food Journey

“I want to continue venturing out and trying new restaurants and recipes. I love sharing tips on which restaurants have the best views, which plates to order, what drinks taste best etc. I love sharing these recs with my food passionate followers in the NYC and Hamptons areas and want to continue to expand on that!”

Meet Danica & Her Delicious Dishes!

Our next guest-blogger, Danica, is a New York Native who utilizes her journalistic eye and photography skills to compile a wonderful food blog of her daily city-food adventures!

Danica is the owner of the fabulous Foodiegram (that’s Foodie-Instagram) @Hubba_Hubbba and we are delighted to have her New Yorker insight. Although Danica grew up in New Rochelle, NY, she moved to the city after college and has been wow-ing her followers with exquisite NYC eats ever since!

Danica’s photos are so professional that I couldn’t help but ask if she has professional experience with photography – I was not surprised to hear that she did indeed take photography courses prior to beginning her blogging experience – she was even kind enough to share some tips with us!

“I have taken photography courses before, and I’ve always had a knack for content creation. I would recommend playing around with angles, lighting and editing – and have fun with it! I only ever use an iPhone, but in my opinion lighting and portrait mode always take the imagery to the next level.”

Danica’s Recent Restaurant ‘Wows’

We can’t get enough of the incredible eats our guest-bloggers introduce us to, and Danica’s recent restaurant ‘wows’ have done exactly that – ‘wow’ed us!

“Thank you! I recently had dinner at Lola’s Taverna in Soho and Sola Pasta Bar on W Broadway, both of which blew me away. 


Lola’s Taverna is decorated beautifully for the season with florals floating overheard amongst gorgeous rattan lamps. Their mediterranean food was some of the best I’ve ever had, with both the presentation and the flavors. I would absolutely recommend the Saganaki Fondue appetizer that is lit on fire in front of the table, and the Lavraki market fish, which was cooked for perfection. The staff were great and the whole evening was a 10/10. 

Sola Pasta Bar delivered an equally memorable dinner, with creamy and innovative dishes throughout. Their most popular dish is their Tonnarelli Cacao E Pepe, but it was the Caramelle that made this a can’t miss restaurant for me, worth highlighting.”

Welcome Our Syracuse Blogger, Michelle!

We are super excited to introduce our guest blogger from Syracuse, Michelle! She has incredible taste (no pun intended!) and we are thrilled to hear about where her food journey began and where it’s taking her now! We’ll let Michelle take it away!

Thank you! Food brings me comfort and helps me connect with my friends and family. Moving to Syracuse to continue my education, I did not know how much the city had to offer. To be honest, I missed home. However, the more I explored, the more I became fascinated by how amazing the food was.

Since I raved about it, a lot of people would ask me for recommendations. Once the pandemic hit, it became evident that some of my favorite places were struggling. Therefore, I started @eating_syracuse to help support them. Moreover, I wanted to highlight everything Syracuse has to offer!

Dining Out Deliciousness

I had a great experience recently at Eva’s European Sweets. There is a great open area in the back with picnic tables and a firepit where you can enjoy your meal. I tried a Polish beer which was huge and delicious. The food came out quickly and was authentic. My friend was visiting from Manhattan and we spent time eating, drinking, catching up, and reminiscing about when we lived together in college. She also loved Eva’s!

Up Next On The Food Journey

I will be traveling to Seattle (Washington) and Portland (Oregon) next month. I am excited to check out the obligatory Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Pike’s Place Marketplace. I always spend time doing extensive research to find the best restaurants before I travel. Therefore, I have a list ready for next month but will wait to comment until I have tried them out.

Welcome to New Jersey!

Since at UBMe we’re from Pennsylvania, New Jersey is basically our next-door neighbor! When we did our Tour of New Jersey, we got to meet so many amazing restaurants and our friend Karly, who was our guest blogger for the week!

Karly is from New Jersey and will be sharing her fabulous foodie-expertise with us and we CANNOT wait! You’re definitely going to love her, her great eats and her wonderful recommendations on where to dine out when you’re in New Jersey!

Welcome Karly!

My love of food came from my dad. He owns his own catering company and when I was younger I was always the person who helped him test out new creations. My love for food grew from there. I always wanted to try new restaurants, recipes and food trends whenever I could.

Then the creation of @forkyeah45 started during the winter of 2020. My boyfriend and I are such foodies, always trying new restaurants and taking pictures of the unbelievable food that we try. It got to the point where people thought all we did was go to restaurants lol My friends told me to start an Instagram account because they always want my recommendations for new restaurants and an Instagram would be a great place to reference. I started @forkyeah45 and now I have 3,000 followers and it’s such a passion of mine!!!!

Foodie Favorites

I’m a born and raised Jersey girl with a love of food so my restaurant recommendation list is out of control but I’ll narrow it down to a couple.

My favorite restaurant down the shore would have to be Branch Cantina in Long Branch, NJ. They have beautiful outdoor dining with a live band and a delicious range of margaritas. The best part is it’s right on the beach! A great Italian spot up north would have to be Lucco’s Cucina and Bar in Florham Park, NJ. Great wine, yummy Italian dishes and a fabulous revolving change of seasonal appetizers! A great brunch spot is Raymond’s in Montclair, NJ. Raymond’s is an old reliable that never seems to disappoint. It is a busy spot so you would definitely have to plan ahead though.

Delicious Food Experiences

A great recent experience I had was at Jack’s Cafe in Verona, NJ. Jack’s is a small, family owned cafe that is open for breakfast and lunch. My boyfriend and I have started a tradition where we go here every Sunday morning and it takes all the Sunday scaries away!!! The owners are so friendly and make the cafe feel like home every time you enter the door. They have awesome specials every week including an arugula, egg and avocado sandwich that I ordered last time I went. I had their house coffee and a side of their homemade potatoes as well! My boyfriend always gets the Jack McMuffin and he absolutely loves it!

Bringing It Home To Pennsylvania!

And here we are – we are back in our home state of Pennsylvania! We absolutely love every single time that we blog within our home state and getting to meet such wonderful PA bloggers really is a blessing! We can’t wait to give you a re-introduction to some of the best bloggers Pennsylvania has to offer!

Help Us Welcome @PhillyFoodDad!

We are so excited to welcome @PhillyFoodDad, an incredible food blogger from, you guessed it, Philadelphia! Their eats are mouth-watering and I am obsessed with EVERYTHING they post! You’re all in for a real treat!

“I’ve been a foodie ever since I could remember. When I was a kid, my dad would take my mom, sister and me on trips. We would travel all over Philadelphia finding new spots. We always looked forward to going on the hunt for an amazing dish. That followed me through my teenage years and now that I have a family of my own, I wanted to keep that tradition going for my children. I have always been into taking pictures to show off my meals. One day during our summer vacation back in 2016, my wife suggested the idea of a foodie blog in IG, and Thats where Philly Food Dad was born!

I’m so excited for you guys to discover PA! One thing about Philadelphia in particular, is that we have food from all over the world! So there’s something for everyone.

One of my favorite spots is called West Ave Grill. What makes this place really stand out is the brunch options they offer. Chef and owner Dan Katz has a lot of delicious entrees on the menu. Some of my favorite dishes are the Cinnamon Toast Crunch french toast, and also the stacked Brisket Burger. I definitely recommend these for first time customers and even returning.

Recent Restaurant Experiences

Recently, we visited Luckys Last Chance.They are located in Manayunk and they are known for their great burgers. We started the meal with a local brewed beer, followed by their delicious Cajun chicken Mac n cheese. It was hard deciding what burger to get. So we went with “ El Guapo”! Two patties topped  with fresh pico de gallo, guacamole, pepper jack cheese and crispy tortilla chips.

The vibes, and staff definitely made it a great experience! I was almost done my first beer and the bartender was so quick to give me a refill. I love that!!

Help Us Welcome Stef!

We are really excited to bring in some food experiences from someone who is from the Lehigh Valley! At UBMe, we reside in Bethlehem, PA, so are very partial to all of the great eats that the Valley has to offer! We are beyond hyped to have Stef from @FeedHerCarbs joining us!

“I have really always loved food.  I would say within the last 5 years or so I really became a huge foodie.  I was really on a health and fitness kick and started to prepare my own meals and just loved to be creative, yet healthy when making my meals.
I started trying out a bunch of new restaurants and going to local food festivals.  I would post pictures on my personal instagram and then about 2 or 3 years ago, I decided to make an instagram dedicated to food because some of my regular followers may not want to see that type of content.

Recent Dining Experience

I recently went to 3rd & Ferry Fish Market with a group of friends.  I got oysters, ahi tuna tacos and crab macaroni and cheese. To drink I had their amazing bloody mary that comes with a crab cake slider, shrimp and crab meat.  Sooooooo amazing.  Seafood is one of my favorites and anyone who spices up a Bloody Mary is good in my book.  I like the atmosphere, location and the food at this spot.

Who's Ready For Coffee?!

At UBMe we are always up for a coffee break, so it’s absolutely a pleasure to meet coffee bloggers who share our same passion for caffeinated beverages! We had the great opportunity to connect with Corinne, a coffee blogger who not only has wonderful taste, but a fabulous eye for aesthetics!

Welcome To Corinne's Coffee Corner!

Nothing says Fall vibes like a wonderful cup of coffee! We are thrilled to introduce our very first Coffee Corner to you. As you know, we always bring in guest bloggers, but we are thrilled to have the opportunity to invite guest Coffee Bloggers now as well! You’re going to love the amazing coffee tales that Corinne, from @CoffeeWithCorinne, will be sharing with you! Enjoy – you’re in for a real treat! 

Where did your love for coffee come from? When did you decide that you wanted to take it one step further and start documenting your coffee journey?

“I think it was embedded in me from a really young age! My Dad is an avid black coffee drinker, morning to night! The smell of coffee brewing is almost nostalgic for me! I love everything about it! I’m constantly trying new coffee shops, specialty drinks, or non dairy creamers and always get the “where is this, what is this” comments from friends on my private Instagram so I thought it would be fun to showcase that on a public page to reach more people which is how @coffeewithcorinne was born!”

And we are so glad it was! We absolutely adore your coffee blog and are thrilled to have you with us this week!

Favorite Coffee Shops

This is a hard one! There are so many great places with good coffee and people! Some of my top favorites are: Santa Barbara Roasting Co, Cajè Coffee Roasters, Lovewell Coffee and Tea, Immigrant Son Caffè and Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters.

Last week I discovered a coffee shop and bakery called Historia Bakery Cafe in the city of Thousand Oaks. Not only was the coffee delicious but the bakery and food options were to die for! I’m actually heading back tomorrow for more and can’t wait!

Do you have any coffee shops you’d like to try out but haven’t gotten the chance to yet? What are they and what are you excited to try?

“There are SO many! I think a couple that stand out are Coffee and Plants in LA. Their iced coffees and drinks look beautiful and delicious. Also, they sell plants! Coffee and plants are two of my favorite things! Secondly, Merci in Montecito. The shop looks so beautiful inside and there is a homemade chocolate cake I’m dying to pair with a latte!”

Wow, we just cannot get over how delicious every single cup of coffee looks, and Corinne photographs everything to its full glory – we can’t get enough of her content! If you love the photos she’s taken, you will absolutely enjoy her Instagram feed, which you can follow here! Trust us, you will NOT be disappointed – she gives her followers the ultimate coffee vibes! 

Thank You For A Wonderful 2021!

It was such an absolute pleasure to get to meet these incredible food bloggers, let alone have them contribute their experiences and recommendations to our Food Blog! So much time. and effort was put into each segment and we truly appreciate it! It’s because of these wonderful foodies that our blog was able to become such a success and we cannot wait to see where our Food Journey continues in 2022! We hope to see some, if not all of these bloggers back in the new year!

Thank you to all of our guest-bloggers and incredible readers – none of this would be possible without all of you and we are so grateful! Cheers to the end of 2021 and we are thrilled to be ringing in the new year with you all!

With Love,

The UBMe Family


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