UBMe Is Partnering to Give Thanks To Healthcare Workers This November

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UBMe Is Partnering to Give Thanks To Healthcare Workers This November

Giving Thanks to Healthcare Workers This November

With support from the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, the Southside Bethlehem KIZ and Pennsylvania CareerLink, Bethlehem technology company UBMe has officially partnered with six locations to provide healthcare workers with free caffeinated beverages for the entire month of November. Having 1,800 drinks pledged from their partners, UBMe’s ‘Giving Thanks’ campaign has proved to be a big success thus far.

Giving back to the community has always been a top priority for UBMe, and with the holidays approaching, it was important to begin giving thanks to hardworking and dedicated community members. The fall and winter seasons are always times of heightened sickness, and with the COVID-19 virus still very prevalent, healthcare workers are working even more than ever. 

It was decided that healthcare workers were the perfect people to show appreciation to, so the ‘Giving Thanks’ campaign officially began on November 1st. By ordering ahead on the UBMeFood.com website, healthcare workers are able to claim their free caffeinated beverage from any of the six locations and choose their time of pick-up. The campaign is running through the end of November, so there is still time to claim your free beverage if you are a healthcare worker. 


Partnering with 6 locations, Arrowhead Nutrition (Ottawa, KS), Bangkok Cuisine (Reno, NV),  Common Grounds Sit & Chill (Lake Charles, LA), Happy Belly Cafe (Clifton, NJ), Touche Touchet Bakery (Columbia, MD) and Try My Thai (Sandy, OR), 1,800 caffeinated beverages were pledged and can be claimed by healthcare workers at any time. The types of drinks include: Thai Iced Teas, Thai Coffees Hot Coffees, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Clean Energy Teas, for a wide variety of thanks.  



When looking at partners for the campaign, working with people who are dedicated and passionate not only about their business but about their local community was very important for UBMe. All six partners strive to give back daily, and were perfect fits for the Giving Thanks campaign.

Contributing to one’s local community comes naturally for Arrowhead Nutrition owner, Sarah Culie, and she has a deep, personal connection to the cause: “As someone who was once in the medical field I know what a sacrifice it is to be on the front lines during this time. I’m proud to give back, to say thank you, and you are appreciated!” Arrowhead Nutrition, a Health & Nutrition bar, has pledged three different flavors of her Level 2 Tea and they have been very appreciated by the healthcare workers in the Ottawa, Kansas area. 

UBMe already has a Veterans Appreciation campaign in the works for December, as the Giving Thanks campaign has already proved to be a huge success within the local communities of the partners. The holidays are always an exciting time, and the opportunity to give back is extremely valued by everyone involved. If you would like to be involved in the December campaign or get more information, please contact UBMe’s Marketing Manager, Alexa Nunamaker via email at alexa@ubme.com.


There is so much to be grateful for this time of year, and UBMe is excited to show that thankfulness and help touch the lives of healthcare professionals in a small way. 

The Happy Belly Cafe: Clifton, NJ
Try My Thai: Sandy, OR
Bangkok Cuisine: Reno, NV

About UBMe: 

UBMe is a start-up technology company based in Bethlehem, PA. Operating in the hyperlocal business-to-consumer industry category, UBMe’s proprietary mobile application helps businesses in dense market areas provide targeted and real-time interaction directly and immediately to local residents.


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