Texas Eats Coming Your Way!

Delicious food is heading your way!

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Texas Eats Coming Your Way!

Where are our Texas Foodies at? We have tons of new, awesome eats available for you and we cannot wait for you to give them a try! Enjoy a great little taste and get your phones out and ready to order some absolutely delicious meals!

Our only question is: which spot are you going to try first?

Welcome To Besa's Pizza & Pasta

Location: Dallas, TX

Oh, hello there delicious pizza and pasta from Besa’s! Just those two dishes alone look beyond amazing! We are so thrilled that our new friends from Dallas are now available for online ordering on UBMeFood.com!

You just need to head on over to their online menu, choose from their delicious dishes and place your order – it is THAT easy! 

We personally have our eyes on their fabulous seafood options – especially the lobster ravioli! And that’s just the pasta – don’t get us started on the pizzas! All of Besa’s pizza options can be 100% customizable to your exact taste!

Introducing La DUNI Latin American Bakery & Coffee House

Location: Dallas, TX

Are you craving some fabulous desserts? Maybe something special for your next celebration or special occasion? Perhaps you are just in the mood for a super fabulous cup of coffee or specialty cappuccino! Either way, La DUNI is the place to go! 

At La DUNI, they create the most beautiful pastries, cakes and baked goods as well as delicious coffees! Do not get us started on their fabulous coffee!

Whether you’re looking for an iced coffee or hot coffee, you will be delighted with how much time, effort and perfection is put into every single cup. 

The only thing that makes La DUNI even better is the fact that you can now order ahead on UBMeFood.com! Just order with ease and pick-up your wonderful coffee and bites to-go, it is that easy!

So what are you waiting for? Have you found your new favorite pastry shop/stop for a delectable coffee? We sure hope so! When you next order on UBMeFood.com, make sure that you snap a photo and tag us as well as La DUNI on social media! At UBMe, we would love to see what you enjoyed and share it to the rest of our fellow foodies as inspiration! Enjoy!

Celebrating C & H Hawaiian Grill!

Location: Harker Heights, TX 

Look at these photos on the left and right – how absolutely AMAZING do these eats from C & H Hawaiian Grill look!? 

Unfortunately in April, there was a tragic fire at their Killeen, Texas location, but the repair process has already begun and we hope to see them up and running as soon as possible! Their great eats and atmosphere contributes so much to their local community and we cannot wait for them to come back bigger and better than before!

Amidst tough times though, there is always a bright side, and we are so happy that C & H Hawaiian Grill was able to open their Harker Heights location in Texas prior to the fire at their Killeen location. C & H Hawaiian Grill Harker Heights is already proving to be a huge success and they are serving up delicious eats on the daily to all of their local customers and community! 

Welcome To The Rack Pub & Eatery!

Location: Bowie, TX

Are you ready to get your lunch and dinner cravings satisfied? Head on over to The Rack Pub & Eatery and you will absolutely LOVE the delicious bites they have in-store for you! 

Of course we are so thrilled to have them a part of the UBMeFood Family – we are just ultimate foodies and having them join has been such a pleasure! 

Now comes the fun part, are you ready? You can order ahead from The Rack on UBMeFood.com and pick up your delicious eats to-go within 30 minutes! You pay ahead when you place your order, so all you have to do is stop in and pick-up your yummy meal!

Get Eating Everyone!

We hope you all enjoyed this little taste of Texas that we prepared for you! We love some good, hearty Texas-style eats and we know that you do too! Through these 4 locations that we shared with you, you’ll get quite a wide array of yummy-ness, so we hope you stop at each one and enjoy! There will absolutely be more to come from Texas and we cannot wait to share them with you as soon as they are up and running! 

If you love these eats we shared with you, you’ll absolutely love enjoying more through our social media! You can follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok to experience the ultimate food-vibes!

Thanks for reading along with us this week and we cannot wait for you to come along with us on our never-ending food journey!


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