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Delicious food is heading your way!

Happy Hour With UBMe: Highlighting Delicious Restaurant Cocktails From Across the Country

Get Ready for Happy Hour! We are delighted this week to bring you some wonderful cocktails from across the country! If you’ve followed along with us this summer, you’ll know that each week we choose a different food topic and connect with local restaurants. We spoke with some fabulous restaurants and got to know all...

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UBMe’s Taste of Home: Enjoying the Amazing Experiences Lehigh Valley Restaurants Have to Offer

We’re Heading Home! This week we are so excited to stop at home for the week and really take in all of the wonderful local restaurants that reside in the Lehigh Valley! As Bethlehem locals ourselves, we love all things local to the Lehigh Valley, from the restaurants to the bars to the breweries! As...

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