UBMe’s New York Eats and Treats

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UBMe’s New York Eats and Treats

Welcome to New York!

Hello Everyone! We hope you all have had a great week since the last time we met! Up next on our state-wide tour of the United States is the wonderful state of New York! We have some fabulous locations for you to visit as well as some guest-bloggers who are going to bring you a taste of their favorite New York Eats!

We are also super excited to introduce you to some of our wonderful UBMeFood Ambassadors from New York! You will for sure love them and the amazing recommendations they’ll be sharing with you! There is so much to cover this week and we know you will love our taste of New York!

Some NYC Love

Of course we have so many great friends and restaurants that are a part of the UBMeFood Family in New York City, so we think it’s a great place to start at! 

Welcome to Pro Thai

One of the things we love about being in the restaurant industry is the constant growth of UBMeFood. We absolutely love our  UBMeFood Family members and are thrilled about all of the great business owners we get to meet throughout the process!

Pro Thai is one of our wonderful restaurant clients and we really cannot get enough of their delicious Thai cuisine! Having locations in the Upper East Side and East Harlem, Pro Thai has a large assortment of unique, Thai-based entrees, appetizers, shareables and so much more! Everything is delicious and we are super excited to have welcomed them into the UBMeFood Family!

The Chicken Wings with Soy Sauce in the photo on the left are their best seller so far this month, and we cannot wait to get in and try them! 

Pro Thai considers their cuisine to be Thai Comfort Food, and this couldn’t be more accurate. Whether you’re looking for appetizers, full meals, a tasty drink or delicious dessert, they have you covered! Another awesome aspect of Pro Thai is that they are Vegan Friendly, which we love! Next time you’re in the UES or East Harlem areas of New York City, you definitely need to stop in and try something tasty!

Make sure to give them an order on UBMeFood.com! All you have to do is look them up and you’re good to go! You will love everything they have to offer, that’s for sure!

Welcome to Mac Shack!

Hello! At UBMe, we are thrilled to introduce you to Mac Shack, a fabulous mac and cheese-oriented restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. As huge mac and cheese lovers, this is quite a dream! We know that you will absolutely love their wide assortment of mac and cheese and more! Enjoy!

Mac shack was founded about 10 years ago. Mac shack is dedicated to providing a unique dining experience by offering a abundance of different flavors with a Brooklyn twist for customers to indulge in. We are always looking for ways to “wow” our customers while also providing excellent service. We are very passionate about our community and we are committed to improving the quality of Brooklyn and hopefully more areas in the future.


We are super thrilled to share some staff favorites with you! Next time you’re in the Brooklyn area, make sure to order the Brownsville AKA, the BBQ Mac, or the Brooklyn South & Seafood Lover!

It was great to get to know Mac Shack this week, and we hope that you now have some amazing eats on your list for the next time you are in Brooklyn! We know you’re sure to love these cheesy delights – we know that we will!

Welcome to Sand Bars Handcrafted!

We are quite thrilled to introduce to you our next incredible NYC location: Sand Bars Handcrafted! Owned by the wonderful Natalia Sandor, Sand Bars Handcrafted features some of the most delicious ice cream sandwiches you’ll ever taste! We are going to hand it over to Natalia so that you can learn a bit more about Sand Bars – Enjoy!

A message From Natalia

Sand Bars Handcrafted was founded on my long-lasting love affair with mint chocolate chip ice cream. I began baking my signature chocolate chip cookies at just 12 years old. Not only handcrafted but filled with locally sourced ice cream- it’s what’s on the inside and outside that counts.

Our vision is to serve the most delicious and simplistic ice cream sandwiches to shops, markets and grocers across the country.

The Sand Bar Handcrafted Purpose

The purpose is to differentiate Sand Bars from other ice cream companies by providing quality products.

We strive to encourage women and the LGBTQ+ community to pursue entrepreneurial ventures of their desires by promoting inclusivity and safety.

Introducing our first food blogger: Michelle

We are super excited to introduce our guest blogger from Syracuse, Michelle! She has incredible taste (no pun intended!) and we are thrilled to hear about where her food journey began and where it’s taking her now! We’ll let Michelle take it away!

The Food Journey Begins

Thank you! Food brings me comfort and helps me connect with my friends and family. Moving to Syracuse to continue my education, I did not know how much the city had to offer. To be honest, I missed home. However, the more I explored, the more I became fascinated by how amazing the food was.

Since I raved about it, a lot of people would ask me for recommendations. Once the pandemic hit, it became evident that some of my favorite places were struggling. Therefore, I started @eating_syracuse to help support them. Moreover, I wanted to highlight everything Syracuse has to offer!

foodie favorites

Where to begin! Some of my favorites include Margarita’s Mexican Cantina (fajitas and margarita towers), Vietnamese Noodle House (grilled chicken pho), Thai Thai (pad see ew and lovely ginger shrimp), Lemongrass (especially the desserts), San Miguel Mexican Restaurant (fajita quesadilla), Yamasho Sushi (sunflower roll), Rise N Shine (cocoa puffs latte), Pavone’s (regular pizza), Francesca’s (margarita pizza), Craftsman House Restaurant (scallops), Pastabilities (linguine with house tomato sauce and meatballs), XO Taco (fish taco), Finally Ours (omelettes), Original Grain (rad thai noodle bowl)…and so many more!

Delicious Dining Out Experiences

I had a great experience recently at Eva’s European Sweets. There is a great open area in the back with picnic tables and a firepit where you can enjoy your meal. I tried a Polish beer which was huge and delicious. The food came out quickly and was authentic. My friend was visiting from Manhattan and we spent time eating, drinking, catching up, and reminiscing about when we lived together in college. She also loved Eva’s!

Sweet Treats

My favorite local spot for a sweet treat has to be Gannon’s Ice Cream. Their banana splits and mocha ice cream are to die for!  Soleil Cafe and Recess Coffee are my two favorite spots for an almond milk latte. Both have a welcoming ambiance and their employees put a lot of care into making each drink. 

What's Next On Your Foodie Journey?

I will be traveling to Seattle (Washington) and Portland (Oregon) next month. I am excited to check out the obligatory Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Pike’s Place Marketplace. I always spend time doing extensive research to find the best restaurants before I travel. Therefore, I have a list ready for next month but will wait to comment until I have tried them out.

Thanks so much for Joining Us!

We are so happy to have had Michelle join us this week from Syracuse! Now we have a ton of new spots to check out when we are next in the area, and so do all of you readers! Thanks again Michelle, and cheers to your food journey – we cannot wait to keep following! If you all loved Michelle’s great eats, we definitely recommend you check out her Food Instagram, @Eating_Syracuse !

Welcome to Buffalo, New York!

It is such a pleasure for us to work with restaurants all across the country, and three breweries that have been with us from the start are located in the wonderful, Buffalo, New York! We cannot wait to introduce you to Pearl Grill., Buffalo RiverWorks & the Ward and Lafayette Brewing Co.! We hope you enjoy learning a bit about them! 

Pearl Street Grill
Buffalo RiverWorks & The Ward
Lafayette Brewing Co.

Don’t they all look wonderful?! Not only do they have their own, unique brews at every location, but their impressive list of appetizers, shareable plates and entrees make the entire experience a real treat! I mean, just look at the Tator Tots and pizza in the photo above at Buffalo RiverWorks & The Ward! 

Each location gives a super unique experience, which we love! The versatality makes checking off each spot an absolute must when you’re in Buffalo, NY! 

Welcome to Cafe Woodside!

Our next great New York location is Cafe Woodside! Their food is such a delight and an absolute must for the next time you’re in Queens!

A Message From Cafe Woodside

Established in 2008 in the footprint of an old fashioned American diner, Woodside Cafe quickly became one of the neighborhood’s favorite restaurants.

Located in the heart of Queens, the restaurant’s menu has evolved with the neighborhood and a few international dishes have been added.

Woodside Cafe is now offering brick oven pizza, fresh hand pressed burgers, traditional Irish dishes, amazing breakfast during the week, a great NYC brunch, and large selection of beers and wine.

The Cafe is still one of the neighborhood staples, very convenient for anyone who is flying through LaGuardia airport, catching the LIRR, or just looking for a place with homemade food and friendly service.


We highly recommend you to stop by and try the following dishes: Traditional Irish Chicken Curry, Brick Oven Pizza, Woodside Burger, Chorizo Skillet, Irish Style Onion Soup, Shepherd’s Pie, or the Stuffed French Toast…

UBMeFood Ambassador Corner

At UBMe, we started the UBMeFood Ambassador program, and we could not be more excited about it! The program began a little over a month ago, and we now have 9 incredibly, food-loving ambassadors who are out and about connecting with local restaurant owners and blogging about their experiences! This week we have three of our ambassadors joining us. We know you’re going to love hearing about the fabulous NYC eats enjoyed by Cory, Amelia and Noemi! 

We Have Cory in the house!

Cory loves exploring new restaurants all over NYC, but some of his all-time favorites are located just blocks away in his own neighborhood, the Upper East Side. The local restaurants and businesses are what make this city a great place to live and visit, and there is nothing Cory enjoys more than stopping in, grabbing a bite, and sharing his favorite recommendations with friends. It is impossible to pick only three places to visit in this underrated foodie destination.

However, on your next Upper East order Cory recommends: 1) Coffee & shakshuka at Mellow Yellow, 2) top tier cocktails and karaage at NR, and 3) The arechi pizza and burrata at San Matteo Pizza & Espresso Bar.

San Matteo Pizzeria e Cucina
mellow yellow

Thanks so much for joining us this week Cory, we literally CANNOT wait. totry all of your fabulous recommendations – they all look beyond delicious!

Hello Noemi & Amelia!

You may remember Noemi & Amelia from when we last visited New York! They are wonderful members of the UBMe Family and we are so glad to have gotten to meet them and be apart of their food journey! We know that you’re going to LOVE their food recommendations – they have the best taste! I’ll let them take it away!

Get To Know These Fabulous Foodies

We are sister-in-laws and besties, both born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  We’ve always shared a love for food, cocktails and discovering new places to go to. Whenever we would dine out, we always shared our pictures of food or drinks we had with each other so it made sense for us to start a food blog where we can share with others our experience! We started our food blog in the summer of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic with hopes to support restaurants as they were a struggling business at the time. Our main goal is to continue showing support to restaurants and also introduce our followers to a variety of options to get a delicious meal or an innovative cocktail as well as highlighting great hidden gems.  



Athena Mediterranean Cuisine – our fave Greek restaurant in Park Slope, not only is the food amazing, but they are a family owned business and treat you as family

Enoteca on Court – Italian restaurant in Carroll Gardens, known for their wood burning brick oven pizza & shared plates (their sister restaurant, Marco Polo is next door)

Blue Agave – restaurant in Bay Ridge offering fresh and authentic Mexican dishes & signature cocktails which are delish!


Welcome to Thai Chic Bistro!

We love introducing everyone to the fabulous restaurants that have joined UBMeFood.com, and Thai Chic Bistro is one of those gems! We are positive that you’re going to love the fabulous, authentic Thai dishes that they offer – we know that we do!

We strive to serve nothing but the freshest meals from the finest ingredients. We specialize in healthy home-style cooking. For us, meals are celebration of family, friends and culture

Tasty Dishes

Thai Chic combo – A combination of our best selling appetizers. Spring roll, Thai dumpling, curry puff and money bag.
Pad Cha Rib Eye – Grilled Rib Eye steak with Thai chilli paste, garlic, fresh basils, onions, finger root and young peppercorn to create an intense delicious flavor.
Soft Shell Crab Garlic – Tempura style soft shell crab with garlic sauce served on top of steamed veggies.
Maasaman Curry – Everyone’s favorite curry. Made from peanut sauce, 
potatoes, onions, carrots, topped with avocado and dried shallot.

I mean, how delicious does everything work? We want one of each please! You can for sure get some of these fabulous dishes for your next meal here! They are an absolute must  next time you’re in Hewlett, NY!

Introducing: Grub Kitchen!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our next location, Grub Kitchen! 

We are going to turn it over to the wonderful women behind the operation and give you some great insight into the fabulous dishes they’re cooking up!

Our mission is simple, you’ve gotta eat, right? So eat like a chef! Let us help you discover great food that won’t break your bank, or dictionary.

Founded in 2016 over a smoke break conversation, GK started off a partnership, yet shorty after Chef Ray went on to facilitate the business own her own, from her Harlem apartment. Taking influence from the various companies and many talented chefs she has worked under, chef creates home style gourmet food. Not an uncommon toss up, however what she brings to the table is an edge you won’t find in most businesses. Young and passionate about teaching, she started this business to educate people about the joys of the restaurant industry and ultimately share its secrets. She uses industry style techniques in her cooking, but somehow stays true to her raw roots.

GK is in its absolute infancy as is, however the plans that lie ahead of it are certainly worth keeping tabs for.

I mean, WOW. We really cannot get over the deliciousness of ALL of their dishes! The colors and flavors just create such beauty and we cannot wait to get our hands on more eats from Grub Kitchen! 

Thanks for Reading!

We want to give everyone who made this edition possible a HUGE thank you! It was amazing to work with so many new restaurants and foodies as well as some of our UBMeFood Family members! It is always such a joy to work with such passionate and talented people, and we are thrilled with the amazing eats this week! 

As always, we love to see where you readers end up enjoying after reading, so please, tag us on Instagram at UBMeFood if you eat out at any of these recommended spots! We CANNOT wait to virtually enjoy your great eats too! 

If you are a restaurant owner or manager and are looking to offer online order for no cost and gain new exposure to customers, definitely consider joining UBMeFood.com! We love working with all of our restaurant clients and can’t wait to work with you! 

Cheers everyone and we will see you next week!


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