Giving Thanks: Arrowhead Nutrition and Common Grounds Sit & Chill

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Giving Thanks: Arrowhead Nutrition and Common Grounds Sit & Chill

Giving Thanks with arrowhead nutrition and common grounds

At UBMe, we are thrilled to have launched our first ever Giving Thanks Campaign for the month of November. We have partnered with 6 incredible locations to provide healthcare workers with 1,800 free, caffeinated beverages as a huge ‘Thank You’ for all that they do! This campaign would not be possible without the amazing owners who we have partnered with, and we could not be happier with the impact that they make on their communities each and every day! Giving back to healthcare workers this November has already shown to be so meaningful and we hope to continue this positivity!

We are excited to introduce you to 2 of our amazing partners, Arrowhead Nutrition and Common Grounds Sit & Chill! We know that you will absolutely love hearing about them and learning about the owners as well! 

Get To Know Arrowhead Nutrition

Arrowhead Nutrition is a wonderful health and nutrition bar located in Ottawa, Kansas. They specialize in Clean Energy Teas and Healthy Shakes but also have SO much more on their menu – we are obsessed! 

As well as having delicious and healthy drinks, we absolutely love their atmosphere that they have created inside! It is so peaceful and aesthetically pleasing and the perfect place to relax and enjoy a clean energy tea!

Sarah, the owner, is one of the most amazing people that you could meet – she is so sweet and kind and working with people like her is such a pleasure! 

When we first met Sarah, we were super excited about the possibility of partnering with her and Arrowhead Nutrition for the Giving Thanks campaign. When we found out that she used to be a healthcare worker, it just felt like the perfect match! We could not be happier to have her as a partner in this month’s Giving Thanks campaign!

For the month of November, Arrowhead Nutrition has generously pledged 100 Free,  16 oz. Level 2 Teas to healthcare workers! In addition, Sarah is offering three different flavors, so that there is a great variety! The flavors are: Cherry Limeade, Strawberry Watermelon and Watermelon Crawl – how delicious and refreshing?!

Aren’t the photos above just gorgeous!? We seriously wish that we lived closer so that we could stop in every day and get our nutrition fix on! As you can see, Sarah creates such a splendid and happy atmosphere, and we highly encourage you to check out Arrowhead Nutrition if you’re in the Ottawa, Kansas area! 

This campaign holds a special place in Sarah’s heart, and we’d love to share a few words from her! 

“As someone who was once in the medical field I know what a sacrifice it is to be on the front lines during this time. I’m proud to give back, to say thank you, and you are appreciated!” Sarah is constantly giving back to her local community and we are beyond thrilled to have partnered with her!

If you are a healthcare worker, we’d love to thank you for all of your hard work, time and efforts to keep your community safe! If you’re located near Arrowhead Nutrition, please order ahead and claim your free Level 2 Tea, you’ll LOVE it! 

Introducing You to Common Grounds!

If you are looking for coffee, cocktails and amazing people to connect with, Common Grounds Sit & Chill is the place to be! Located in Lake Charles, LA, this is the perfect spot when you’re in the airport waiting to catch your flight or if you’ve just landed and need a quick pick-me-up! 

Run by the incredible Michele Williams, Common Grounds Sit & Chill offers more than just delicious coffee and beverages. They offer a kind, supportive and uplifting atmosphere that you just love being a part of! They often have events such as open mic, comedy nights and spoken prayer sessions, making it a great, social location as well!

Ms. Williams is no stranger to giving back to her community, and we are beyond thrilled to have her a part of our Giving Thanks Campaign for the month of November! She has so kindly pledged Medium Pumpkin Spice Lattes for healthcare workers during this PSL season and it is beyond appreciated!

Also, how delicious and beautiful does it look?! It’s the perfect Fall coffee and our healthcare workers are beyond deserving! 

Ms. Williams has shared her personal connection to healthcare workers with us and we’d love to share with you why she wanted to get involved and give back to the healthcare workers in her community!

“Without our healthcare professionals, we all suffer. I wish to thank God for the gift of healing he has blessed them with. The level of compasion and dedication to the entire world in 2020 will never be forgotten. They re-wrote the narrative on LOVE AND PATIENCE. Thank you Amazing Healthcare Providers.” 

So beautifully worded, and we speak on behalf of everyone when we say that Ms. Williams words are thoughts and feelings that we all have towards the dedicated healthcare workers in our communities. 

Thank You Sarah and Ms. Williams!

We really feel so lucky to have these two wonderful women on our side! Getting to know them through UBMeFood and through this campaign has been such a pleasure, and the dedication they have to giving back to their community is absolutely beautiful. 
If you are a healthcare worker in the Lake Charles, LA or Ottawa, KS areas, please order ahead on and claim your free Level 2 Tea and Pumpkin Spice Latte – you are so deserving and appreciated!

That’s all we have for you this week – make sure to check in next week when we will introduce you to the rest of our partners for the Giving Thanks November Campaign! We cannot wait to introduce you to more individuals who are helping us give back to healthcare workers! Thanks for reading!


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