Friday Food Finds

Delicious food is heading your way!

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Friday Food Finds

Happy Friday Everyone! Who's ready for some deliciousness and to enjoy some great, new eats! We are going to share with you some awesome finds that will be great for pick-up or dining out this weekend - cheers and enjoy! There is going to be something yummy for everyone! C & H Hawaiian Grill: NEW LOCATION! Harker Heights, Texas: We are so thrilled to introduce Read More

Happy Friday Everyone! Who’s ready for some deliciousness and to enjoy some great, new eats! We are going to share with you some awesome finds that will be great for pick-up or dining out this weekend – cheers and enjoy! There is going to be something yummy for everyone!

C & H Hawaiian Grill: NEW LOCATION!

Harker Heights, Texas: We are so thrilled to introduce you to C & H Hawaiian Grill’s newest location! Now you can get some great Hawaiian cuisine from MULTIPLE locations in Texas, including Harker Heights! 

C & H Hawaiian Grill is such a hit in Killeen, Texas and we know that they will be a great success in Harker Heights now too! The best part may even be that you can order online at for both. You read that right, you can go onto the UBMe app or and order your Hawaiian cuisine ahead of time for pickup – it’s that easy!

Make sure that next time you’re craving some deliciousness from C & H Hawaiian Grill, Harker Heights, you hop on here and place your order! You will LOVE your great eats!

Healthy Shakes and teas anyone?

If you are like us at UBMe, we have so much that needs to get done over the weekend – whether its a workout, a ton of errands to run or just catching up with work around the house! Stopping at a health & nutrition bar is the way to go so that we know we are getting our clean energy fix in. We also love knowing that we are going to get some great health benefits from these beverages as well!

We are super excited to introduce you to some great healthy drinks from our friends at Arrowhead Nutrition in Ottawa, Kansas and Healthy Cravings in Bergensfield, New Jersey! They both are run by fabulous owners and never fail to put a smile on their customers faces! While they are not related business-wise, we would recommend them both equally, as you cannot go wrong with any of their shakes or teas – we truly cannot pick a favorite between the two!

Arrowhead Nutrition, KS

Here are some DELICIOUS teas from our friends at Arrowhead Nutrition in Ottawa, KS! You may remember them from previous blogs, as they are one of our great friends and partners!

At UBMe we care a lot about all of our partners and about all of the local communities they are a part of. It is so great to know that Arrowhead Nutrition is constantly giving back to their local community, and they create a peaceful and happy environment for all of their customers.

It is always our greatest pleasure to work with them on UBMe’s community campaigns as well, so we are always thrilled when they are on-board with us! Later this month you’ll get to read more about how they are participating in UBMe’s CommuniTEA Celebration!

If you are like us and think that these teas look absolutely delicious, you can order ahead with ease from! Make sure to snap a pic too and share it with us and Arrowhead Nutrition on Facebook or Instagram!

Healthy Cravings, NJ

Welcome to Healthy Cravings, NJ! It is so awesome to introduce you all to some super fabulous shakes and teas that you can get in Bergensfield, New Jersey! 

On the left we have a wonderful protein shake and on the right we have a super refreshing clean energy tea!

We always love when we have the opportunity to connect with new businesses and lately we have been meeting a lot of awesome businesses located in New Jersey! Cheers to that! If you are located in New Jersey, you will absolutely want to stop in at Healthy Cravings this weekend! Not only will you get the boost of clean energy that you probably need on a Saturday, but you can also get some delicious bites of eat! 

Healthy Cravings has some yummy protein-based bites to grab, including protein waffles, protein donuts and fueled oats! Do you want to know the best part? You can order ahead on starting Saturday Afternoon! That’s right, come Saturday, you’ll be able to order ahead on the UBMe App or on! 

We are so excited to have connected with Healthy Cravings and you’ll be getting to learn more about them later on this month when we talk about our CommuniTEA Giveback campaign, which they are so generously participating in!

Looking For Some Jamaican Cuisine?

Are you ready for some delicious eats from our friends at Taste of Reggae? We know that we can go for Jamaican cuisine any day, any time!
One awesome thing about Taste of Reggae is that they have multiple locations! We love that you have multiple options to get your foodie-fix on, and that you can pick the closest location to you! 

The locations that Taste of Reggae has are in Martinsburg, VA, Hagerstown, MD and Chambersburg, PA! You can actually order ahead from the Martinsburg and Hagerstown locations on or on the UBMe App! Just pick whichever one is closer to you and place your order for pick-up, it’s that easy!

If you stop in and order some great food from Taste of Reggae, make sure to share it with us and them on social media – we always love to see what your favorite eats are!

Where Are Our Louisiana Foodies At?

We’re looking for our Louisiana Foodies – want to know why? We have some great eats for you try in Louisiana, that’s why! Let us introduce you to some yummy Mexican cuisine and some delicious coffee and cocktails – that’s right, we have a great spot for you where you can get both coffee AND cocktails, depending on the mood you are in!

Casa Maria, Gonzales

Authentic Mexican Cuisine, hello! Doesn’t this look BEYOND delicious!? We absolutely love all of the great eats that Casa Maria is serving up, and we know that you will love it all too! 

Whether you are looking for some yummy appetizers, an entree or some cocktails to unwind, you are going to have a great experience at Casa Maria!

One really cool thing that you may not have know about Casa Maria is that there are actually 3 different locations in Louisiana! That’s right, at UBMe we work with a ton of restaurants that have multiple locations – the more food the merrier, right? Currently you can only order online from with the Casa Maria, Gonzales location, but the rest will be coming up on UBMeFood shortly!

You can order ahead either on the app or online here and pick up your eats within 30 minutes! Cheers to some yummy eats from Casa Maria!

Welcome to common grounds sit & chill

All we can say right now is ‘wow, how delicious do those cinnamon buns look?’ Common Grounds Sit & Chill in Lake Charles, LA has such a wide variety of incredible eats, you will never be disappointed! 

There is absolutely nothing that could pair better with a great coffee than a cinnamon bun, and these are baked fresh every single day with so much heart and soul! 

If you are coming off of a long work day or looking to have a good time this weekend, you are going to really enjoy the cocktails that are available at Common Grounds! Every cocktail on their menu you actually order ahead and have awaiting your arrival when you order on! How cool is that?! 

Florida Food-Find Alert!

We have a wonderful new treat for you to enjoy this weekend, located in Destin, Florida! Our friends at Gilligan’s On The Harbor has some of the most amazing and delicious seafood that we have EVER seen and we know for a fact that you are going to love it! 

The view from Gilligan’s On The Harbor is absolutely breathtaking, and when you can stop in for a yummy sandwich for lunch with some great tater tots, why wouldn’t you? Well, maybe you want to grab a sandwich on the go instead – Gilligan’s has you covered with that too! 

You can now order ahead on from Gilligan’s On the Harbor and enjoy their eats wherever you would like!

They have tons of fresh fish options daily and we are constantly making sure that the online menu is updated and ready for you to order!

We Hope you enjoyed these great eats!

As always, thank you all for reading along with us this week! We hope that we have introduced you to some new places that you would like to try out this weekend! Whether you are looking to dine out or order food to-go, you will absolutely love these delicious restaurants, health bars and coffee shops! Trust us, we would never steer you wrong – we know good food when we taste it!

We hope that if you make it out to any of these locations, you take some pics or videos and share them with us on social media – we always love to see what you’re eating and enjoying! 

Thank you again for joining us this week and we hope you have a weekend filled with some delicious food, good vibes and great company! Cheers to a wonderful Friday!


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