Enjoying The Best Of Thai Cuisine With Bangkok Cuisine In Reno, Nevada!

Delicious food is heading your way!

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Enjoying The Best Of Thai Cuisine With Bangkok Cuisine In Reno, Nevada!

Welcome back everyone to another UBMeFood Feature! We are so excited with this week’s edition and we know that you are going to fall in love with the incredible Thai cuisine from our dear friends at Bangkok Cuisine in Reno, Nevada!

At UBMe, we are massive foodies and love cuisines from all across the globe. Thai cuisine is one of our absolute favorites! Early on when we launched our online ordering platform for restaurants, which would later become ‘UBMeFood.com,’ Bangkok Cuisine was one of our very first partners. They began using us very early on and our relationship with Bangkok Cuisine has blossomed into a beautiful partnership over the last few years!

Through transitioning to our upgraded platform, always utilizing our new marketing package additions and participating in our community giving-back campaigns, Bangkok Cuisine has been through it all with us! We are so excited to give you some insights to their incredible eats and share the fabulous Thai cuisine that they offer! 

In addition, we have an AMAZING guest blogger joining us this week! You’re going to hear all about Bangkok Cuisine from the eyes of the fabulous Food Blogger, @BLCBites&Bevs, a Reno, Nevada native! They have incredible taste (no pun intended) and we know that you are going to love hearing all of their recommendations and foodie experiences!

Welcome to Bangkok Cuisine!

Welcome to Bangkok Cuisine in Reno, Nevada – wow, are you all in for a treat this week! As we mentioned before, Bangkok Cuisine has really been with us from the start of our Food Journey, so we are thrilled to be bringing their Thai Tastes to you this week. 

Bangkok Cuisine is constantly adding to their menu and we were super excited last year when they brought back their Rote, (pictured above). It is so delicious and makes for the perfect shareable, or bite just for you!

If you follow Bangkok on Instagram (which we highly recommend you do, their eats are amazing!) you’ll see all of the raving reviews on this Rote! 

Introducing Our Guest Blogger!

We are really excited to introduce you to BLCBites&Bevs, our fabulous guest blogger this week! Not only do they know all of the best restaurants in Reno, but they clearly have amazing taste because Bangkok Cuisine is right up there as one of their favorites!

We’re going to dive in and get to know more about BLCBites&Bevs, so sit back and enjoy! Take notes because we’re sure you’re going to have some new eats you’ll want to try – we know that we sure do! 

Welcome, BLCBites&Bevs!

Literally EVERYTHING on your feed looks beyond delicious – tell us, how did your food journey begin and what made you decide to start blogging about your dining and foodie experience?

“I’ve always been passionate about supporting local businesses and I’ve been a foodie for as long as I can remember, but I first got the idea to start my page during the pandemic. I could see a lot of businesses were hurting and as mandates were lifted, I could tell they might be able to use some help getting people back out to restaurants and bars. I wanted to encourage others in my community to support our local businesses and to find joy in the delicious food that I’ve had in Reno/Sparks. From this, my page was born and it continues to grow as our population grows and more restaurants/bars open–it makes me so happy to see!”

Visiting Bangkok Cuisine

What made you decide to visit Bangkok Cuisine and what did you get from there? How did you like it and were there any dishes or apps that you had your eyes on for next time? 

“I have loved Bangkok Cuisine for years! They were the first Thai restaurant I tried in Reno and I have loved them ever since. My favorite items to get are the Panang curry with chicken and the shrimp rangoons–they’re both just so tasty! I love these items so much that I’ve never really had anything else there (oops). But next time, I’m committed to branching out and trying the fried spring rolls, Pud Thai and papaya salad. Pro tip: they also have amazing cocktails!”

Photo Credit: BLCBites&Bevs Restaurant: Bangkok Cuisine

Wow, that dish from Bangkok just looks AMAZING! We totally understand why it’s your go-to, along with the crab rangoon – you really can’t go wrong with either! 

Now we are already excited for your next visit to Bangkok, because we can’t wait to hear all about the Fried Spring Rolls, Pud Thai and Papaya Salad! We are predicting that you’re going to add some new favorites to your list!

Photo Cred: BLCBites&Bevs Restaurant: Biggest Little Steakhouse

As we can see, you’re always visiting amazing restaurants! What are some other great spots you’ve visited recently and what are your recommendations from them?

“I’m a big fan of Von Bismarck, a modern German restaurant and the currywurst fries and any of their schnitzels are incredible. Another one is Biggest Little Steakhouse, where they pride themselves on being affordable and approachable compared to fancy steakhouses. The ribeye steak, potatoes au gratin and roasted brussel sprouts are all so delicious, but the mai tai is a surprising showstopper!”

Wow, these eats sound absolutely delicious! We are definitely super excited to stop by these restaurants next time we are back in the Reno area – I mean, just look at that ribeye steak! It looks mouthwateringly delicious and we cannot wait to dig in!

Readers, if you visit Biggest Little Steakhouse or Von Bismarck before us, make sure to snap a photo and tag us on Instagram!

Did Someone Say Cocktails?

Yes, you heard us correctly! BLCBites&Bevs had mentioned that Bangkok Cuisine has AMAZING cocktails and we couldn’t let that go unnoticed! At UBMe, we are always up for a complimentary beverage to enhance the dining experience! 

Photo Credit: BLCBites&Bevs Restaurant: Bangkok Cuisine

What a feast for our eyes! Those crab rangoon really look incredible and we can see easily how they are a favorite – next time we stop in we are for sure going to be ordering 1 or 2 orders of them – and a cocktail to pair with them of course!

Foodie Bucket List

We always like to ask our food experts what’s up next on their foodie bucket list – are there any new restaurants you’re looking forward to trying and what about them appeals to you?

“I’m always looking for new restaurants to check out so right now I’m waiting to try Cluckers Midtown, which specializes in chicken sandwiches and Hinoki Omakase, which is a sushi omakase restaurant where you leave your selections up to the chef. I like places like these because I’m always looking for the “Best” (i.e. best chicken sandwich, best sushi) so I always look forward to getting to try places that might fit the bill.”

Wow that sounds incredible! We really cannot wait to see photos from those dining experiences – we’re sure our readers can’t wait either, so make sure you follow @BLCBites&Bevs on Instagram so that you don’t miss out on amazing foodie content!

Photo Credit: BLCBites&Bevs Restaurant: Von Bismarck

Bangkok Cuisine & Community

We are super excited to try some of the delicious recommendations from BLCBites&Bevs when we are next at Bangkok Cuisine! In addition to their fabulous bites, they are also super community-oriented and are always the first restaurant we call when we’re going to begin a community giving-back campaign! 

Dating back to last November, we were putting together our very first Community Give Back, focusing on providing coffee and tea to healthcare workers. Bangkok Cuisine was incredible and pledged unlimited Thai Iced Teas to any healthcare worker who ordered online. Not only where the Thai Iced Teas delicious, but they were a great way to give thanks and show appreciation. 

Since November, Bangkok Cuisine has participated in every community campaign that they could, and we appreciate their kindness and generosity so much – and we know that their local community does too! 

Thank You For Joining Us!

As always, thank you so much for joining us this week! We are so happy to have had the addition of BLCBites&Bevs and we cannot wait for you all to try some of their recommendations. We are also super excited to follow along with their food journey and see where they end up dining at next – we know that it will be delicious!

We want to thank Bangkok Cuisine again for being such a wonderful partner and always striving to give back to their local community! Their Thai Eats really are incredibly yummy and we hope you all stop in or order online for pick-up! We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Thank you for reading along with us and taking a visit to Reno, Nevada! 


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