Celebrating The Holidays With UBMe!

Delicious food is heading your way!

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Celebrating The Holidays With UBMe!

Holiday Eats & Treats: 2021

This year at UBMe has been monumental, and with the launched of UBMeFood.com, we have grown more than ever before! We have met so many wonderful and talented people this year and enjoyed their absolutely delicious eats! We are thrilled to share some of these fabulous restaurants with you here and hope that you’ll be able to enjoy some of them too! All of the great dishes you see in this blog are available on UBMeFood.com for you to order online and pick-up, so check them out and start planning your next great meal!

The Happy Belly Cafe

The Happy Belly Cafe is a wonderful spot in Clifton, New Jersey that offers the best dishes for any time of day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner! They are open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM so you have all day to ponder over what you’re craving and place your order! 

We originally met The Happy Belly Cafe when we were doing our tour of eateries across the U.S. and stopped at New Jersey! From there, we fell in love with their delicious eats and couldn’t get enough! We are so thrilled to have continued that great friendship and now we consider The Happy Belly Cafe to be a wonderful partner!

The Happy Belly Cafe took part in our November, Giving Thanks Campaign this past November. We had the opportunity to partner with some wonderful restaurants and cafes to provide healthcare workers with free coffee for the entire month of November, and The Happy Belly Cafe so generously pledged coffees as a way to help give back to their community!

Some of our recommendations are: The Grilled Chicken Avocado Sandwich, the Shrimp Katsu Rice Bowl, Cheesy Lump Crab Dip and their Empanadas! These are just a few of many amazing items on their menu though! 

C & H Hawaiian Grill

C & H Hawaiian Grill is such a delicious spot in Killeen, Texas and their Hawaiian cuisine is truly a hit! We go way back with this awesome restaurant and couldn’t be happier to see all of their success and how happy they make their community members! Customers can’t get enough and we get it – their food is the bomb! 

Giving back to their community is huge for C & H Hawaiian Grill and we were thrilled to partner with them for not one, but two giving back campaigns! They are currently participating in our ‘Veterans APPreciation’ campaign where veterans can get a free appetizer in addition to any online order. We will also be partnering in January for our ‘Celebrating SOUPer Heroes’ campaign, which will be giving a free soup to first responders! It really is amazing to know that we work with such wonderful people!

If you’re in the Killeen area next time you’re in Texas, you absolutely must make it a priority to stop in at C & H Hawaiian Grill – trust us, you’ll be happy you decided to! You can even order online here at UBMeFood.com! Enjoy!

Arrowhead Nutrition

Looking to spread some holiday cheer this season? Our friends over at Arrowhead Nutrition in Ottawa, Kansas are sure to make your holiday season extra special and filled with cheer! Just take a look at this delicious Peppermint Shake – it doesn’t get any tastier or more festive than that and we LOVE it!

Not only does Arrowhead Nutrition serve up fabulous healthy drinks and snacks, but the atmosphere is amazing as well! They focus on giving back to their community and making Arrowhead Nutrition a warm and inviting setting for their customers to enjoy their drinks at! It is an all-around delight and we are so happy to have gotten to know them this year! 

Arrowhead Nutrition participated in our first-ever community give-back campaign, ‘Giving Thanks to Healthcare Workers’ and their clean energy teas were an absolute hit! So tasty and energizing, they were the perfect drink to give to healthcare workers in November! We were even more excited when we found out that they would be participating in our ‘Veterans APPreciation’ campaign this December! Working with businesses like Arrowhead Nutrition is really such a pleasure and we cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store for them – it’s sure to be wonderful!

Bangkok Cuisine

Thai cuisine is one of our absolute favorites at UBMe and getting to know Bangkok Cuisine and their delicious eats has been such a pleasure! All of their dishes not only taste amazing but they are presented so beautifully as well! Located in Reno, Nevada, they’re an absolute must if you live there or if you’re just passing through the area!

Bangkok Cuisine was such a wonderful partner to us during our Giving Thanks campaign and we are so thrilled that they were a part of it! Their Thai Iced Coffee really hit the spot and their unlimited free coffee pledge to healthcare workers was so kind! We absolutely love Bangkok Cuisine and can’t wait for you to enjoy their great food too! 

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to dine in-person, you can order online with ease at UBMeFood.com! Quick and easy and you still get to enjoy Bangkok Cuisine’s yummy dishes – it’s the best of both worlds! 

Commissioner's Pit Stop & restaurant

Ready to talk about delicious BBQ? We sure are! Our friends over at Commissioner’s Pit Stop & Restaurant know how to bring the heat straight to your table and we are here for it! 

Located in Alabama, Commissioner’s Pit Stop & Restaurant offers more than just BBQ – they offer delicious sides that pair perfectly and make for truly the best dinner! Whether you’re going out to eat, hosting a party or just grabbing takeout for the night, you’re for sure going to love every bite! 

We are so happy to have met this amazing restaurant this year and are beyond thrilled to share their eats with all of you this holiday season! To order online, you can do so here at any time! 

Casa Maria, Gonzales

Mexican cuisine always hits the spot perfectly – major yum vibes! Our friends over at Casa Maria in Gonzales, Louisiana always serves up nothing but the best! We absolutely love their eats and are thrilled to share with you their fabulous dishes! 

As you can see in the photo, the tacos are perfection! So colorful, fresh and of course, yummy! Casa Maria has two other locations, in Baton Rouge and Watson Louisiana and they all will give you deliciousness!

Casa Maria – Gonzales partnered with us this December for our ‘Veterans APPreciation’ campaign and they were kind enough to pledge their White Queso appetizer, which is one of our absolute favorites! 

Working with Casa Maria is always a pleasure and we can’t wait for you to enjoy their Mexican cuisine as well! 

Delicious Treats This Holiday Season

Working with so many wonderful restaurants and eateries has given us the opportunity to fall in love with so many different cuisines, dishes and desserts – especially desserts! We’re going to jump ahead to dessert and introduce you to some absolutely scrumptious treats that you’re sure to love this holiday season! 

Meet The Pie King Cafe

When it comes to holiday desserts, who doesn’t love a delicious pie? We know that at UBMe, we sure do!!! The pies from The Pie King Cafe in Council Bluffs, Iowa really are next level. They offer every flavor of pie that you could ever imagine and picking just one is almost impossible because they all just look too good! Take this picture for example – a super yummy, apple pie, baked to perfection!

Some of the types of pies they bake are fruit pies, cream and custard pies and of course, their signature pies! Their Sweet Potato Pies are always a huge hit, and they 7 different variations that you can choose from – if you’re a fan of sweet potato pie, it looks like you have 7 new ones to try! 

If you’re in the Council Bluffs area of Iowa, we highly recommend that you give the Pie King Cafe a try for your next occassion, whether it’s a holiday party, dinner or just looking for some tasty desserts to try! You can order here on UBMeFood.com and place an order for your Pie King Cafe pie today!

Touche Touchet Bakery

If we thought that it couldn’t get any better than pies, we got delicious and beautiful cupcakes from Touche Touchet! Located in Columbia, Maryland, Touche Touchet is constantly giving us delicious treats from their bakery and we are 100% here for it! We are so obsessed with not only the taste but the fabulous decorations as well!

The cupcakes in the photo are so beautiful and the absolute perfect dessert for the holidays! If you are still in need for a festive holiday gift or a dessert to bring to Christmas dinner, Touche Touchet offers such a wide variety of desserts that you can order online here! Enjoy!

Common Grounds Sit & Chill

Is it coffee time or cocktail hour? How about both! At UBMe we practically thrive off coffee so any chance we get to bond with amazing coffee shop owners is such a thrill! Common Grounds Sit & Chill is such a fabulous coffee house but they go above and beyond just coffee – they do great dishes and cocktails too!

Located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Common Grounds Sit & Chill is the perfect stop when you hop off the airplane and need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up coffee or to get the happy hour started at any time of day!

One of our favorite drinks so far was the delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte! Common Grounds actually gave these away for free to healthcare workers during our ‘November Giving Thanks Campaign.’ It was amazing to partner with such kind and selfless people, and it was an absolute joy to see how many lives were touched by a small act of kindness. Needless to say, the PSL was a hit this fall!

One final recommendation we have is if you haven’t tried one of their delicious cinnamon buns yet, it’s an absolute must! They are baked to perfection and will satisfy your sweet tooth! Such a delicious treat!

Enjoy The Holidays Everyone!

We hope that everyone enjoyed reading about a few of our restaurant friends! We want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday from UBMe! We have met so many new, amazing people this year and are so grateful! We hope to be able to continue to partner with restaurants in the new year and help give back to even more community members, as this was a highlight of our year in 2021. 

Thank you to all of you fabulous readers who are constantly supporting us and the wonderful restaurants and eateries that we work with – your support really means the world to us and we cannot wait to bring you more delicious eats and treats in 2022! It has been our pleasure to be a part of all of your communities and we are beyond excited to see what’s in store next!

We hope you all have the best holiday and can enjoy time with family and friends. Thank you again and cheers to the holiday season!


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