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Delicious food is heading your way!

UBMe’s New York Eats and Treats

Welcome to New York! Hello Everyone! We hope you all have had a great week since the last time we met! Up next on our state-wide tour of the United States is the wonderful state of New York! We have some fabulous locations for you to visit as well as some guest-bloggers who are going...

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UBMe Is Enjoying PA Eats!

Welcome to Pennsylvania! This week we are so excited to not only head home to our native state of Pennsylvania, but to feature our very first blog on our new website,! At you now have access to all of the great restaurants and eateries that we work with in one location! We thought...

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UBMe is Heading to New Jersey!

UBMe’s Taking on New Jersey Eateries This Week! We are excited to continue our tour of amazing eats by heading to New Jersey this week! We have so many amazing restaurants and sweet spots that you are sure to love! If you’re joining us for the first time this week, at UBMe we actually work...

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A Taste of New York: The Unique Perspectives of a Manhattan Food Blogger & Buffalo Restaurant and Breweries

Everyone’s Dying for a Taste of New York No matter where you go in New York, the range of incredible eats that you can get is astounding. There are over 27,000 restaurants in the state of New York, so there’s quite a lot of territory to cover if you’re looking to eat your way through...

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UBMe’s Top 8 Pizza Places of Pennsylvania

Pizza Is the Way to the Heart If someone ever tells you they don’t like pizza, you think they’re crazy! How could someone not like pizza? Pizza is truly the way to one’s heart – especially Pennsylvanians! This week at UBMe we decided to kick our Top 8 up a notch by including the ENTIRE state of...

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