5 Summer Restaurant Trends To Treat Your Customers With!

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5 Summer Restaurant Trends To Treat Your Customers With!

Welcome back Everyone! We hope you've had a wonderful few weeks of summer since we were last with you! Speaking of summer, this edition is all about Summer trends that you can implement in your restaurant to keep your customers happy and your eats and drinks up-to date and trendy for the season! #1 Light & Fresh Summer Wraps Trend #1 is keeping your menu Read More

Welcome back Everyone! We hope you’ve had a wonderful few weeks of summer since we were last with you! Speaking of summer, this edition is all about Summer trends that you can implement in your restaurant to keep your customers happy and your eats and drinks up-to date and trendy for the season!

#1 Light & Fresh Summer Wraps

Trend #1 is keeping your menu light and fresh with summer wraps! This is the perfect time to introduce tons of healthy ingredients and implementing a fresh and light food vibe with fruits and veggies!

In the summer, people often aren’t as hungry as they are in the winter, due to the heat, so having easy and light options is an absolute must!

Our friends at Wally’s Bagel Nosh and Wally’s Hot Bagel Cafe sure do know how to keep up with food trends and this summer is no exception! 

Wally’s Bagels is known for their bagels of course, but this restaurant has so much more to provide for you to enjoy. They’ve been improving and adding to their menu since 2013, and now they have something refreshing to offer for the summer as well!

So why don’t we wrap up your summer with some of Wally’s incredible wrap selections? They’re a fresh and healthy grab for your summer evening! The best selection in our opinion is their Greek Princess Wrap, which contains spinach, grilled chicken, sun-dried tomato, feta cheese, avocado, roasted peppers and balsamic vinaigrette! This ingredient combo was a reward for our taste buds, and now we want to pass the torch for you to try it! Wally has other wraps that might catch your eye as well, including their cucumber wrap and grilled veggie wrap!

If you want to stop by and check out Wally’s and their summer entrees, they’re online at UBMefood!

#2 Acai Bowls

Who’s been on the Acai Bowl trend? We know that at UBMe, we hope this is a summer trend that NEVER goes out of style, because we are OBSESSED with Acai Bowls! They are a particularly great treat for the summer because they are fruity, healthy and absolutely delicious! They’re also pretty to look at, often being a berry pink color, so they are perfect to share on the ‘gram! 

Our friends at Haggerty’s Coffee has a wide selection of coffee, but it goes far beyond your average cup of joe! They opened their doors for everyone to take a taste of their different beverages, and continue to create new drinks to keep you on your toes. 

And because it’s the time of season for fruit to be harvested, Haggerty’s has an assortment of Acai Bowls to sweeten your day! You can personalize your own bowl of summer treats, or buy some of their already made combos like the berry acai bowl! With acai, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, granola and honey. You can’t go wrong with ripe fruit on a hot summer day.

If you want to try their acai bowls and maybe something more, Haggerty’s is available online at UBMeFood! The fruit season ends in a few months, so visit while you can for your summer treat!

#3 Boba Tea

We are super excited to introduce #3 to you all – Boba Tea! If you’ve been a reader of our blogs for a while now, you will know that we are HUGE Boba Tea fans – we’ve done campaigns around Boba Tea, hyped up tons of Boba Tea businesses and are all-around fans of these delicious beverages!

Boba Tea has been gaining so much momentum and traction in the past few years, but since it’s a refreshing and delicious, cold beverage, it’s an automatic hit over the summer months especially. 

We are hyped to introduce you to our friends at Vivi Bubble Tea, in Hanover, Maryland. Their Boba Teas are amazing and hit the spot during a busy day or after a long day at work! 

Opened to the public in 2007, Vivi Bubble Tea has been dedicated to quenching your thirst in the most creative, delicious ways possible, because they’re not just drinks! Many of their drinks come with chewy tapioca pearls, and you can add a layer of jellies on top to eat with it! 

Their bubble tea specialty is a rare treat with a huge spectrum of flavours you’ve never tried before, so why don’t you give it a taste this summer? We recommend the VIVI signature fruit tea, but you can’t go wrong with their peach aloe fruit tea, strawberry cream float and honeydew milk tea!
They set up shop online with us at UBMeFood if you want to try their foreign flavours; try out some of their teas over the summer and tell us what you think!

Boba Tea From Vivi Boba Tea in Hanover, Maryland.

So, if you’re looking to extend the beverages offered at your business, it’s definitely worth it to look into offering Boba Tea! Once you get the recipes and techniques down, they’re sure to be a hit this summer for all of your customers!

Chorizo Tacos From Villa Mexico Cafe, Boston, MA.

#4 Veggies To Keep Your Summer Eats Crisp & Healthy!

Veggies for days this summer, who’s with us? When you’re constantly trying to stay ‘beach ready’ in this heat, nothing hits better than a crispy, healthy and of course, DELICIOUS veggie-based dish! We love getting our veggies in mid-day at lunch, to give us a little extra boost for the rest of the day! 

We are super excited to introduce you to our friends at Villa Mexico Cafe, and let you know how they are staying Summer Trendy with their awesome execution of Summer Trend #4! 

Villa Mexico Cafe was opened by Julie King in 1999 with just 5 tables to its name. But it quickly became a gathering spot for strangers, who left as friends. And today, they continue to expand and add new delicacies to their menu!

That being said, would you like a taste of something energizing to start out your day this summer? Villa Mexico Cafe offers irresistible burritos and quesadillas! The one we’re focusing on is their veggie burrito and quesadillas; but you can’t go wrong with their other exotic entries like cactus salad. A perfect and healthy way to start out any meal you have in mind!

Their food can be bought online with us at UBMeFood if you want to try their cactus salad. We sure want to try it when we get the chance!

Welcome To The Tav

We are always in awe of the delicious eats that our friends at The Tav in Phoenix, Arizona have prepared. You can’t go wrong with anything you order because it is all so delicious! With that being said, they are the perfect restaurant to check out when it comes to keeping their menus fresh, modern and fun! That’s why we had to give them credit for some of their fabulous, summer eats!

Welcome to The Tav! Here, they serve many delicious eats for you to fall in love with! They are a bar & grill serving some well cooked eats that anyone could enjoy.

They continue to serve up the deliciousness, rewarding their customers with summer treats like Ava’s Famous Fish Tacos. They are lightly fried tacos with Chipotle mayo, tangy coleslaw, and diced tomatoes, served with cucumbers, lime and salsa. It’s the best time of the year to be daring and try new things, and we can guarantee that Ava’s Famous Fish Tacos are the perfect summer tacos to try! I mean, just look at how beautiful, light and delicious they look! Plus, the lime juice adds the perfect touch of ‘hello, Summer!’ vibes that you’re looking for to beat the heat!

So why don’t you try checking out their menu online? You can order food online from The Tav with UBMeFood!

Ava's Famous Fish Tacos, The Tav, Phoenix, AZ.
Fabulous Sandwich From Boston Annie's, Gaffney, SC.

#5 Perfect Sandwiches To Picnic With

In the summer, everyone loves to be outdoors and soaking up the sun! There’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than by having some wonderful, summer eats to accompany you! That’s why our #5 Summer Trend is having the perfect sandwiches to picnic with! Nothing beats a great lunch outside than a picnic with fabulous sandwiches!

Our friends at Boston Annie’s follow this trend religiously, and we can not rave enough about their picnic-worthy sandwiches! We’re going to give you a bit more background on them and their delicious eats!

In 2017, Boston Annie’s was born through passion and a strive to provide healthy eats for their customers to enjoy! Their healthy options are what they’re known for, which is perfect for the summer vibe!

An appetizing summer sandwich from Boston Annie’s that we at UBMe love and recommend, is their Hot Pastrami! Summer may be hot, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying this delicious meal that they cooked just for you! It originates from jewish kosher delicatessens, and it had over a century to be perfected and made the best it can be by loving chefs!

Their hot pastrami’s and other foods that might catch your eye can be easily found online through UBMeFood!

Thanks For Reading!

As always, thank you all so much for reading along with us this week! We absolutely love all of the amazing restaurants that we get the privilege of working with each and every day! Being surround by amazing food all day, every day is our pleasure and we love sharing the great eats we come in contact with with all of you! 

We hope you got some great insight as to what some Summer Trends of 2022 are, and we hope you decide to try some of them! If you do, make sure that you share them with us on social media – we cannot wait to see what delicious eats and beverages you try! Tag us on Instagram and let us know what you enjoyed!

Thanks again for reading along with us this week! Hope you have a wonderful day and tune in next week to get some more great eats and recommendations on how to stay up-to-date with the foodie times!


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