Month: December 2021

Delicious food is heading your way!

UBMeFood’s Guest Bloggers of 2021

Fabulous Foodies This year came the wonderful addition of our Food Blog, and with our food blog came the need for guest-bloggers! If you followed along with us throughout the year, you’ll have gotten to read about all of the amazing recommendations from foodies all over the country! Not only were the guest-bloggers we met...

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UBMeFood’s Look Back On 2021!

Wow, when we look back on where we were a year ago, we never would have imagined getting to this point! We officially launched this past October and could not be more thrilled with how quickly it has taken off in the past few months! If you’re new to our blogs, is an...

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Celebrating The Holidays With UBMe!

Holiday Eats & Treats: 2021 This year at UBMe has been monumental, and with the launched of, we have grown more than ever before! We have met so many wonderful and talented people this year and enjoyed their absolutely delicious eats! We are thrilled to share some of these fabulous restaurants with you here...

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